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Don't worry, Libra won't hurt you – too much!
—Libra before toying with her enemies

Libra, also referred to as The Creation[1], is the heroine of the PsiCorps.

Official description

Libra. The apple of Yuri's eye. The one who would tip the balance of world power in the favor of Epsilon. According to scarce intel available on her, she is the most powerful psychic in the Epsilon ranks, possibly even rivaling Yuri himself. However, the information that costed many agents' life suggests that she is incapable of using her mind to create a mind control link with targets because she has serious personality issues. Instead, she concentrates on destructive telekinesis and object manipulation, having custom made explosive darts which she moves freely with her abilities as a weapon of choice.

Libra has both active and passive psychic abilities. The passive ones are kinetic shield around her which makes her resistant to small arms fire and physical damage, and the ability to levitate herself in the air allowing her to cross water just like Epsilon Elites do. A device known only as the Cerebral Amplifier/Suppressor is permanently connected to her spine and is presumably responsible for amplifying her powers and thinking processes. Paradoxically, it also keeps her abilities in check.

When surrounded by many enemy tanks, Libra's CAS may be partially deactivated by her active proselyte in order for her to unleash a powerful gravity field which will destroy the attackers. While useless against infantry, the field works just as well against enemy ships, only to further state how powerful her abilities truly are.

Though perhaps one of the most powerful psychic forces in the world, her violent mood swings and viciously sadistic streak make her a potential threat to all forces. Libra is almost always accompanied by her, inferior, genetic clones on the battlefield, as they are the only beings that can tolerate her moods and psychic presence without adverse side effects for longer periods of time. The clones act as a diversion or as bait for Libra, being considerably weaker and not possessing the gravity burst.[2]


—Libra before starting a killing spree

Libra deploying her gravity field against an unlucky Tarchia Cannon

An exceptionally powerful psychic said to be on par with Yuri himself, as stated above, Libra is so powerful to the point that she can tip the scales in the PsiCorps' favor, as her name suggests, although her unstable and sadistic borderline psychopathic attitude might put some PsiCorps proselytes off or entertains them depending on their interpretation.

In the hands of a skilled proselyte, Libra can easily kite enemies with her high speed and relatively far attack range. These traits allow her to easily outrun most enemies before countering with her explosive darts - such a tactic is very useful on maps with bodies of water, as Libra can quickly retreat into the water in order to break a pursuit from the majority of retaliating forces. Her wide attack range also makes her very potent against lower-tier base defenses, as she can destroy them without fear of retaliation.

Why won't you just kill yourself?!!
—Libra agitated by enemy fire

Despite of her powers, Libra does have several weaknesses. Her attacks have a rather slow firing rate, and the gravity field does not affect infantry. These factors render continuous attack with infantry, especially anti-infantry ones like Desolators, quite ineffective. Though her gravity field will destroy vehicles quickly, dedicated anti-infantry vehicles such as Gatling Tanks will still mow her down before she has a chance to send them flying. Powerful base defenses, such as Prism Towers, Tesla Coils and Railgun Towers are highly effective against Libra (provided she strays into their range, as she outranges them by default). While she is durable for an infantry unit, Attack Dogs, Spooks, and Terror Drones will kill her almost instantly if they manage to close the distance with her.

To compensate for these weaknesses, her commanding proselyte may opt to use her clones in order to act as illusions for the real Libra or simply as additional firepower. However, her clones cannot use the anti-gravity field.

Anti-gravity field

Libra's anti-gravity field can flip most vehicles and ships (including epic units such as the Centurion Siege Walker when Libra deploys it from behind the Centurion).

However, the following units are immune to being flipped by Libra's anti-gravity field:

  • Haihead Cyclops Walker and Megalodon (the Tsurugi and Stinger are also considered as walkers but are not immune)
  • Soviet Terror Drones and Latin Fury Drones
  • Deployed vehicles such as the Sweeper, as they are considered buildings (except the Colossus)

The following units will not be visibly flipped, but are destroyed by the anti-gravity field regardless:

  • Landed aircraft (including jets and the Stallion Transport)
  • Quickshifter
  • Subterranean units such as the Driller


Libra is noticeably stronger in the campaign than in skirmish (in fact, enough to single handedly destroy all three enemy Chinese bases during her debut).

Act One

  • Libra's first chronological appearance is in the Act One mission Warranty Void as a hidden secret. She is seen struggling within a Chinese Kamaz truck with her signature gravity burst.

Act Two


Libra as she appears in Dance of Blood

  • Libra makes her first official appearance in the Act Two mission Dance of Blood, after the Landing Pad in the middle of the PsiCorps base on Totoya Island is defended for 35 in-game minutes, Libra will arrive from space. In this mission, she is not voiced (see Trivia), cannot use her anti-gravity field, and must survive the mission.
  • In Machinehead, after the Proselyte's attempt to use 16 Foxtrots to destroy the Centurion Siege Crawler fails, Libra is deployed to the area and tasked with destroying the Centurion. After the Centurion is revealed to have an Iron Curtain Device of its own that makes it permanently invulnerable, Libra has to use her anti-gravity field to destroy it. She later pursues the escaping Yunru, only to have her Cerebral Amplifier/Suppressor tampered by Yunru's Immobilizer, causing her powers to go out of control.
  • The berserk Libra is the objective of the Covert Ops mission Blood Rage. She'll attack everyone else, effortlessly fending off all Chinese and Foehn attempts to subjugate her. The Epsilon taskforce must acquire tranquilizers by infiltrating a Chinese Field Bureau and capturing a Drakuv Prison Vehicle, after which she must be shot by a Virus armed with a tranquilizer rifle and brought into the captured Drakuv to be evacuated.
  • Libra appears in Obsidian Sands to assist the PsiCorps in eliminating the traitor Rashidi and his Scorpion Cell forces. She can die without compromising the mission.
  • In Unthinkable, after the Paradox Engine appears and uses the Time Freeze to obliterate Epsilon forces, the Proselyte's command interface switches to Libra, who must reach Rahn who is waiting with a Driller to be taken to the Mental Omega Device while avoiding Allied forces in the area, especially Charon Tanks who can instantly kill her.

The briefing in Obsidian Sands indicates that during the events of Machinehead and Blood Rage, Libra experienced her second "malfunction", which means that the first happened while she is on the Moon prior to Dance of Blood. The briefing in Blood Rage also mentions that a Magnetic Beam is one means to subdue her during her first "malfunction", as evidenced in Earthrise where a Magnetic Beam is found near a Large Bio Tank where Libra may have "malfunctioned".

During the events of Earthrise, a vast area that contains damaged Bio Tanks and a large Bio Tank at the center can be seen, which was described as a "memento of an experiment gone horribly wrong". Since Libra Clones would be discovered in the same Bio Tanks on Earth (refer to Unthinkable), this implication is not too far off.


  • Effective against all types of unit and structures.
  • Explosive darts deal splash damage in a small target area.
  • Amphibious.
  • Versatile units which can engage air, ground and even naval units.
  • Good attack range.
  • Resistant to bullets and small arms fire.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Can deploy to activate its gravity field, which can overturn and destroy surrounding vehicles and ships.
  • The gravity field can destroy invulnerable vehicles.
  • When using gravity field, Libra can move around freely.
  • Using gravity field temporarily increase Libra's armor.
  • Cannot be crushed by any vehicles.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Can self-heal.
  • Being a hero, cannot be mind-controlled and abducted, as well as immune to confusion rays.
  • Only one may be trained at a time.
  • Despite bullet-resistant, still vulnerable to various anti-infantry weapons, Dogs and Spooks.
  • Gravity field cannot affect infantry.
  • Gravity field may cause friendly fire.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Still vulnerable against swarmed assaults (especially from infantry) due to slow firing rate and lack of splash damage from her explosive darts.


  • Libra means "scales" in Latin and is also the name of a constellation and the seventh zodiac sign, the meaning of which possibly refers to the fact that she is the Epsilon's trump card who could turn the tides of the war into Epsilon's favor.
    • Interestingly, the symbol of the said zodiac sign (♎) is similar to the Greek letter Omega (Ω), but with two underlines. However, Speeder, the lead developer of Mental Omega, claims to not remember whether this is the reason he named the PsiCorps heroine this way.
  • Prior to version 3.3.3, Libra's official alternate title was The Weapon.
  • According to Speeder, the lack of Libra's voiceset on her appearance in Dance of Blood is intentional.[3]

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