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Launch everything!
—A Leviathan captain trying to act quickly

The Leviathan is the Foehn navy's capital ship. It carries two drones that bombards enemies from afar with plasma cannons.

Unlike any of the other capital ships, the Leviathan can move faster when supported with Spinblades and releases nanoids to repair itself when damaged. It can also make use of Last Bastion's Nanocharge to improve its self-repair capability and also repair nearby ships.

Official description

The legendary majestic sea monstrosity that is the Leviathan takes form as the capital ship of the Foehn Revolt. Combining the best features of an Allied Aircraft Carrier and the Soviet Dreadnought, this massive ship houses two large attack drones under its deck, which when released will begin bombardment of the enemy position with numerous destructive plasma bombs. While these attack drones can be shot down and have a very limited range, meaning that they have to reach their target first, most of the targets it will manage to land its attack on will not survive the explosion.

The incredible firepower is not the only feature that makes the Leviathan stand out from the capital ships seen on the world's seas. With what is definitely the largest windspin engine, the Leviathan can increase its speeds by two thirds whenever it moves to a position near a Spinblade. It is also equipped with several nanomachine containers, which its crew will release in order to repair the damages done to the ship. Under the Last Bastion's command, those nanoids can be used to repair other units nearby as well, thanks to the Nanocharge.[1]


The Leviathan is undeniably the most powerful and toughest capital siege ship in the game. It outclasses the firepower of Dreadnoughts and Reshephs, and its drones surpass the speed and durability of Hornets from Aircraft Carriers. The drones can be shot down, but once the plasma bombs are released, there is no stopping it from detonating.

Unlike other capital ships, they benefit from having unique perks. Firstly, like all Foehn naval ships, they gain a speed boost from Spinblades, making the Leviathan the fastest capital ship in the game, encouraging commanders to build Spinblade networks along shorelines where Foehn fleets will travel frequently. Like the Mastodon and Bison Tank, they are equipped with nanomachines which enables it to repair itself faster than the innate self-repair. Last Bastion also benefit of using Nanocharge to drastically improve its repairing capability and also repair nearby friendly ships to full health within seconds, causing any Last Bastion fleet with at least one Leviathan to have extreme survivability. Although these quirks cause the Leviathan to be the most expensive ship in the game, the efficiency of even one Leviathan that has little need to return to base and stay in the front lines makes the price worthwhile.

However, the Leviathan shares the same weaknesses as its rivals; despite the drones' durability, sufficient anti-air defenses will prevent any of its drones from dropping its payload to its intended targets. While any lost drones can be replaced, their parent carrier needs a few seconds to replace them. The drones' plasma payload isn't accurate against moving targets. Lastly, it is also the slowest capital ship (along with the Akula Sub) without a nearby Spinblade, leaving it vulnerable to airstrikes, anti-ship vessels and in the case of Epsilon, mind-control.


  • Strong siege weapon with incredibly long attack range.
  • Leviathan drones are free and can be constantly replaced with new ones.
  • Leviathan drones are more durable than the Hornet UAVs of Aircraft Carrier.
  • Unlike the Dreadnought, it can use its drones to strike targets at close range.
  • Can flatten entire bases without relying too much on escort protection.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Activates Nanite-assisted repairs when at critical health.
  • Nanoid repairs are much more effective when immobile.
  • Extremely difficult to kill when stationary due to its rapid self-repair.
  • Nanocharge allows the Leviathan to repair nearby ships.
  • Can receive speed boost from Spinblades.
  • Very effective against vehicles and ships.
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor units and submarines.
  • Helpless against aircraft.
  • Leviathan drones are weak against AA weapons.
  • Very expensive ($2800).
  • Slow-moving, especially without speed boost.
  • Leviathan drones have to reload after firing 3 shots.
  • Plasma projectiles are slow and ineffective against fast-moving units.

Behind the scenes

  • The original voxel of the Leviathan Drone by MadHQ is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here (called Soviet Repair Drone).


  • Leviathan is a huge fish referenced in the Bible that eventually become synonymous with large sea monsters or creatures.
  • In the game files, the Leviathan drone is referred to as "Mosachild".


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