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The Lancer is the basic anti-tank infantry of the Foehn Revolt. They are more expensive than the other factions' counterparts and cannot hit air targets, but makes up for it by being even more powerful despite of their short range, though garrisoning civilian structures will solve this problem, and uncrushable except by the heaviest of vehicles.

Lancers can be transformed into Railguneers through a Nanofiber Sync.

Official description

Fast and relentless, the Foehn Revolt's Lancer is a warrior who originates from one of the two groups: some are soldiers, who willingly replaced their limbs with cybernetical copies in hopes of increasing their combat potential in the wars to come, others are those who have already faced their fated enemy and lost, but even after being heavily injured, refused to give up the fight. The Lancers will run straight towards enemy tank divisions and use their unique pressurizer lances to smash them into pieces.

The Lancer's weapon is also very effective against structures, allowing them to perform quick hit'n'run raids on enemy outposts. They can additionaly garrison buildings to attack from the inside. While their cybernetically enhanced nature makes Lancers uncrushable and immune to Dog and Spook bites, vulnerability to EMP and magnetic weapons is a side effect that should not be ignored.[1]


The Lancer is a major departure when compared to the other standard anti-tank infantry units fielded by the Allies, Soviets, and Epsilon. Just like the Knightframe, Foehn's standard infantry employed for anti-vehicle work has no problems when it comes to facing down tank rushes as his Pressurizer Lance can deal impressive damage against any type of vehicle, often rendering them to scrap with just a few short salvos. The weapon itself is also moderately effective against structures, making Lancers an appreciated support unit when it comes to base assaults.

He also boasts immense durability, as his health pool is even greater than that of the Soviets' iconic Tesla Trooper. Lancers also gain the same benefits that are inherited by the Knightframes - they cannot be crushed by most vehicles short of the heaviest tanks, meaning enemy commanders can't simply run them over in a quick way to neutralize them. They are also immune to Dogs and Spooks considering their mostly cybernetic nature. In order to reinforce their survivability in urban warfare, they can also garrison buildings for additional protection and an increase of range for their short-ranged weapons.

One major advantage the Lancer has above other standard infantry units is that he is very fast for a foot soldier. This allows them to quickly chase down slower tanks that can't outrun them, making them perfect anti-Harvester units during the early stages of a battle.

While the Lancer is a feared unit that no tank commander will ever want to encounter at close ranges, he does have some major drawbacks. The biggest ones is that unlike his other standard anti-tank infantry counterparts, he can't target air units and has a relatively short range unless he garrisons a building. They are also expensive troops to boot, costing $500 per unit - this means Lancers will likely be outnumbered unless their respective Foehn commanders can secure enough resources to train more. His cybernetic properties make him easy targets for EMP and magnetic weaponry, and both can render him immobile instantly. They also take up two slots in a transport, making them a bit more difficult to deploy. Lastly, he is vulnerable to dedicated anti-infantry units that either kite and/or outrange him, giving him almost no chances of ever closing the distance with his quarry before he is eliminated.


Act Two

The Lancer that appears in the mission Heartwork

  • A Lancer prototype identified as Cyborg Prototype, appears in Heartwork, who attempts to flee when its Nanocentrifuge falls under attack but is intercepted and destroyed by the Russians.


  • The first Lancers deployed for combat make their debut in Vanishing Point. An elite squad of them, along with Knightframes, are sent as the vanguard to destroy the local Epsilon base from the rear. They will eventually fall under the effects of mind control from the Mental Omega Device. Later on in the mission, a Psychic Beacon is the primary target of the Foehn armored forces arriving in the region; destroying this device will liberate the enslaved soldiers.
  • Lancers are available during The Remnant but additional ones are unable to be trained.


  • Effective against armored units and structures.
  • Good firepower and armor.
  • Decent speed.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Can garrison buildings to improve fighting power, attack range, and survivability.
  • Fairly expensive for a starting infantry ($500).
  • Weak against anti-infantry weapons.
  • Short attack range, unless garrisoned inside a building.
  • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.

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