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For the motherland!
—Krukov on the offensive

Colonel Krukov (Russian: Крюков, Kryukov) is a Soviet officer and a close comrade of the Soviet General during his time in the S.S.A.


Krukov is a special hero unit that is only accessible during certain missions of the Soviet campaign. Armed with a specialized radiation gun and smoke bombs, Krukov performs best against large hordes of infantry units and lightly armored vehicles. While his radiation gun can melt organic targets in one hit (similar to Soviet Desolators/Eradicators) and significantly damage all forms of enemy armor, it comes with a special twist: the affected target will emit an aura of radiation that will damage enemy forces in close proximity, similar to China's Irradiation support power.

If enemy forces manage to close the distance with Krukov, he will deploy smoke bombs in order to lower the firepower of approaching hostile forces.

He has no means of dealing with enemy structures - such a task should be left to his comrade-in-arms, Reznov.

Firing cycle

The following is the firing cycle of Krukov:

  • 2 radiation gun shots
  • 1 area-of-effect smoke bomb
  • Repeat.

It is wise to remember this to prevent circumstances such as Krukov firing his smoke bomb ability to a very close Attack Dog.


Krukov makes all his appearances in the campaign alongside Reznov.

Act One

  • In Idle Gossip, shortly after the base is established, Reznov and Krukov will arrive via paradrop to aid the player, marking their first contanct with the Soviet General. They can be lost without compromising the mission.

Act Two

Though they do not appear in-person, Krukov is in charge of the Pentagon garrison and requests the Soviet General to investigate a nearby communications outpost.

At the beginning of the mission, they lead a small squad to free the Soviet General from Yuri's clutches. In the first part of the mission, Krukov and Reznov, controlled by the AI, lead the General to the Airbase with the Kirov Command Airship; once the General boards the Kirov, they'll fall under the control of the player. Both colonels must survive the mission.

  • See: Awake and Alive

  • Reznov and Krukov are required to investigate the Chinese cybernetic research. They can be lost without compromising the mission.

  • See: Heartwork

  • A few minutes after the mission begins, Reznov and Krukov will arrive via paradrop to aid the player. They can be lost without compromising the mission.

  • See: Meltdown

  • Krukov and Reznov show up in the top-right Soviet base, transported within a Borillo. They can be lost without compromising the mission.

  • See: Fatal Impact

  • Krukov and Reznov are part of the player's initial forces. They can be lost without compromising the mission, and they can be retrained in the Soviet Barracks if they fall in battle. The amount of times they can be brought back into the battle depends on the difficulty level, and remain as elite level when retrained.

  • See: Death's Hand

  • Krukov and Reznov would announce the good news to Soviet General next to the statue of Boris and celebrate the liberation of the motherland, but the ensuing mind control wave covered everything and their whereabouts are unknown.

    Special Ops

    • In the first part of Brothers in Arms, Reznov and Krukov are required to destroy several Epsilon-controlled Nuclear Reactors to open the way for a Soviet assault on Stalingrad. After the Nuclear Reactors have been destroyed, Reznov and Krukov will be evacuated from the city; both must survive until then.


    • Reznov and Krukov (then only lieutenant-colonels) first appear in Needlehead, where they have not met the Soviet General. They can be lost without compromising the mission.
    • In Cyberanatomy, Reznov and Krukov must free an Engineer and a Saboteur from the Chinese, lead them to their destination so they can infiltrate the Chinese database, then evacuate the area in a Kamaz before the Chinese could capture them. Both must survive the mission.
    • Reznov and Krukov appear in Intoxicated to resolve a crisis in Spain. They must survive throughout the mission.


    • Reznov and Krukov are part of the enemy forces in the Revolution Challenge. Every few minutes they'll paradrop near the entrance to the enemy fortress and attack the challengers' bases until the enemy Russian base is destroyed.

    Behind the scenes

    • Krukov's SHP sprite and cameo are a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.
      • The author describes the sprite as "a conscript officer with a ceremonial sword".


    • Krukov's name shares his name with General Krukov, a high-ranking Soviet general who appeared in Red Alert 3.
    • Krukov wields a sabre which is seen in his moving animation and stance but he does not use in combat.

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