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The Kremlin (Russian: КремльKlryeml) is the official residence of Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov during the Third Great War, and later Yuri during the final moments of the Mental Omega War. During Romanov's reign, the Kremlin acted as the headquarters of Romanov and the Soviet military High Command, and it is here that the most important political and military decisions by the Russians are taken during the war. Subsequently, during the second annual victory parade celebrating the Russian victory in the war, Epsilon forces attacked Moscow and captured the Kremlin.


Act Two

  • The Kremlin appears at the center of the map in The Conqueror, protected by several defenders from the Black Guard. Romanov flees to the Kremlin's grounds while awaiting a Borillo for evacuation, but he is killed by Epsilon soldiers sent after him by Yuri's Proselyte during the Epsilon takeover of Moscow, after which a Psychic Beacon is built next to the Kremlin allowing Yuri to take control of the Black Guard. Yuri himself then enters the Kremlin, inviting the Proselyte to celebrate in his new office.
  • The destruction of the Kremlin is one of the main objectives of Death's Hand, where Yuri and several proselytes are making their last stand. The Kremlin is protected by a network of Iron Curtain Devices around the battlefield, as well as the mind controlled Black Guard. The Kremlin finally crumbles once the last Iron Curtain source is destroyed.
    • If the Kremlin is moderately damaged, Volkov, who was captured by Epsilon, will exit the Kremlin. The Kremlin becomes invulnerable again, and Volkov is the source of the last Iron Curtain protecting the Kremlin; therefore, he must be killed so the Kremlin becomes vulnerable again.


  • The name "Kremlin" means "fortress inside a city" in Russian, and the Kremlin of Moscow is technically one of many fortified structures bearing the same name, although the one in Moscow is unquestionably the best known of them all, so much so that the name "Kremlin" is often used metonymically to refer to the government of Russia, as is the case in the Mental Omega briefings as well.

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