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Flying the Foehn banner!
—A Knightframe heading to the battlefield

The Knightframe is the basic infantry of the Foehn Revolt. They are more expensive than the other factions' counterparts, but makes up for it with higher health and damage, as well as being uncrushable (except by the heaviest of vehicles) and can hit air targets as well (though they cannot do so while garrisoned).

Knightframes can be transformed into Kingsframes through a Nanofiber Sync.

Official description

The Knightframe is the foundation of a Foehn infantry battallion, given an advanced set of equipment that is supposed to increase their durability and survivability on the battlefield. These troops march through the battlefield in a mechanical frame, which allows them to walk faster but will also help the men inside endure the harshest of situations. An integrated heavy machine gun has been mounted into each of these powersuits, a weapon effective against ground and flying targets both, but mostly against the enemy troops and lightly armoured units. The modular design of the powersuit allows the Knightframe to enter garrisonable buildings if necessary, as it'll fold into a more compact version before they do so. They will however not be able to target aircraft from the inside of a building.[1]


The Knightframe is a considerably powerful, albeit expensive, tier one basic infantry. With a powerful weapon with decent range and splash damage, Knightframes can fight large groups of enemy infantry where others would have trouble, especially against other tier one infantry who lack the relative range and power of the Integrated Heavy Machine Gun. Not only does his weapon let him clear through swathes of infantry, but his weapon can fire flechette rounds against aerial foes, letting them deal with threats in a matter similar to Flak Troopers.

Along with his powerful offensive abilities, the Knightframe is also considerably tougher than his peers. Boasting plate armor and almost double the health of the Initiate, this unit can withstand most battles against other infantry with less overall damage and fewer losses. Because of their armor, Knightframes cannot be crushed by normal vehicles, and are immune to dog and Spook attacks, preventing sudden losses among the Foehn infantry battalions. Not only is their armor powerful, but it's also flexible, allowing them to garrison buildings at an equal rate that other infantry can, extending their survivability and their fire coverage (but not their actual range). This is especially potent when combined with Lancers for full anti-ground defense. Unfortunately, the Knightframe loses his ability to target air units while garrisoned inside buildings, so additional ungarrisoned knights are advised when dealing with aerial threats.

Inside Jackals, a Knightframe can extend the speeder's infantry killing power, and give it the ability to rapidly respond to aerial threats. With a high passenger survivability rate, the Knightframe may survive if their frail transport goes down.

While this unit is powerful, he still has several weaknesses that his foes can exploit. The most major component is his price tag, which means that early on, he can't be massed as quickly as other basic infantry, and will usually be outnumbered throughout the fight. Along with that, he inherits weaknesses from his mechanical design, which include a vulnerability to magnetic weapons and EMP, so caution is advised when dealing with China or PsiCorps. Despite boasting incredible survivability for a basic infantry unit, they are still inherently vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons so they will generally lose against anti-infantry specialists like Pyros and Navy SEALs in an one-on-one battle. While he has good range surpassing that of the other factions' counterparts, he is still vulnerable to specialized long-ranged anti-infantry units like Viruses, Desolators, Snipers and Huntresses, who out range and overpower him relatively quickly.


In the campaign Knightframe prototypes appears as Heavy Troopers which bears the Chinese color scheme and are armed with heavy machine guns that cannot fire on aircraft and deal no splash damage.

Act Two


Heavy Troopers are absent from the player-controlled Foehn forces. However, the Knightframes themselves are controllable for the player in the last two missions.

  • In The Great Beyond, VOLKNET's subroutine have several Heavy Troopers. They cannot be trained by the player, but can be mind-controlled with captured Epsilon Adept or Epsilon Elite (by force-firing on the Heavy Troopers).
  • The first operational Knightframes see action in Vanishing Point. An elite detachment, along with Lancers, are sent as the initial taskforce to destroy the Epsilon base from the rear, but eventually succumb to the mind control waves of the Mental Omega Device. It is later revealed that a local Psychic Beacon was the culprit and that Yuri's ultimate weapon was only amplifying its powers; destroying said Beacon during a later phase of the mission will free the captive troops.
  • A large squad of Knightframes are provided to the player in The Remnant, though they are not trainable for this mission.


  • Effective against infantry and aircraft.
  • Weapon deals splash damage.
  • Good firepower and armor.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Can garrison buildings to improve fighting power and survivability.
  • Fairly expensive for a starting infantry ($450).
  • Weak against anti-infantry weapons.
  • Vulnerable to EMP and magnetic weapons.
  • Cannot attack aircraft while garrisoned.
  • Weaker to basic tank weapons, unlike other factions' infantry.
  • Slower rate of fire in contrast to its counterparts of other factions.

Behind the scenes

  • In version 3.3.2, the Heavy Trooper can be trained if the player captured one by a Drakuv Prison Vehicle and sent them to a Field Bureau. They shared the cameo of the Knightframe, right down to the name.
  • One of its new death sounds in 3.3.5 uses one of Siege Cadre’s death sound.
  • The base SHP sprite of the Knightframe is made public by the author, ImP_RuLz, to the Command & Conquer modding community, meaning that other aspiring modders can utilize it for their own mods. One example in other mods include Twisted Insurrection (GloboTech Perseus). The links can be found here.

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