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For the support power provided, see Knightfall.

The Knightfall Protocol is an add-on for the Wings of Coronia Barracks, which allows them to call drop pods containing reinforcement troops from their main base in the sky.

Official description

Once the Knightfall Protocol is applied to a Foehn Barracks, it becomes possible for the Coronian commanders to quickly deploy infantry reinforcements through drop pods straight from Coronia. The beacons which are used to control the drop pod landing operations can only be created near the upgraded Barracks, so if a Foehn commander wants to create more Knightfall drop zones, he needs to construct additional Knightfall Protocol upgrades for Barracks scattered around the battlefield.[1]


The Knightfall Protocol provides the following support power:

Support power Description
Coronian commanders are able to summon Knightframe and Lancer infantry reinforcements via drop pods. However, they must first designate a location within the proximity of a Foehn Barracks with the Knightfall Protocol plugin. This support power costs $4000 and 7:30 to recharge.

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