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For the add-on that deploys the support power, see Knightfall Protocol.

Standby for Knightfall.
—Knightfall announcement when ready

Knightfall is a support power used by the Wings of Coronia via a Knightfall Protocol. It marks a location around a Foehn Barracks with a Knightfall Protocol installed with a Knightfall Beacon for reinforcements to be delivered via drop pods launched from the Coronia itself.

Up to 15 drop pods, which contains a combination of Knightframes and/or Lancers, will be dropped throughout the duration of Knightfall. Coronian commanders have to be careful: if the Knightfall beacon is destroyed while reinforcements are being dropped, Knightfall will be halted abruptly.

However, Knightfall is the most expensive support power in the entire game (even beating epic unit costs, especially the Coronian Harbinger), so a Coronian commander should take caution when deploying its beacon in the midst of an enemy siege.

During a complete drop sequence, $6000-$7500 worth of units are obtained at a price of $4000, at a production rate roughly equal to 2 additional Barracks.

AI behavior

The AI will use Knightfall near the first Foehn Barracks with a Knightfall Protocol addon.


  • Knightfall is similar to GDI's Drop Pod support power from Tiberian Sun. Compared to Knightfall, Drop Pod is free of charge, can be used anywhere, and delivers infantry at elite rank, however it delivers much less and weaker units per activation.

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