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The Kirov Command Airship is a unique version of the standard Kirov Airship.


Act Two

  • A Kirov Command Airship appears in Awake and Alive. The first part of the mission involves escorting the Soviet General through Epsilon forces to board it. It will remain in place until given an order to escape to one of the beacons on the bottom of the map; before that, the player must clear a path for the Kirov by destroying Epsilon anti-air defences along the way. Once the escape order is given, the Kirov is not directly controllable by the player and will automatically move towards the target beacon.


  • Kirov Airships that resemble the Kirov Command Airship, named Kirov Flagships, are sent periodically against the challengers in the Revolution Challenge. They are far more dangerous than regular Kirovs, as they drop mini-nukes that leave radiation, though they have a slower bomb drop rate. Destroying one of the Soviet bases will stop the nuclear Kirovs coming from that base.

Behind the scenes

The Kirov Command Airship's voxel is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.