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The Kingsnakes are next-generation attack jets utilizing chrono technology used by the United States. Deployed from the Experimental Warpshop as long as an Air Force Command Headquarters is built, the Kingsnake appears from a portal at the sky and patrols the vicinity, attacking hostiles with missiles and laser guns similarly to the Stormchild. So long as the portal lasts, the Kingsnake will be quickly replaced when it is lost.

Similar to Chronolift, however, the Kingsnake portal can only be opened within a large radius around the Experimental Warpshop or a small radius around a Warpnode, limiting its use to defensive purposes.

The portal itself cannot be attacked, and it will not disappear if any nearby Warpnodes are destroyed. The only way to eliminate a Kingsnake portal early on is to shut the base power down, or to disable or destroy the Warpshop.

AI behavior

Unused by the AI.


Deploy the Kingsnakes around the Warpshop and Warpnodes for an air defense.
—Allied intel during Operation: Insomnia


Act Two

  • Kingsnakes are first introduced as a useable support power in Insomnia.


  • In the Freedom Challenge, a large number of constant Kingsnake portals are present on the map. These portals can only be closed by defeating the enemy AI in the corresponding area.