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Kinetic Barrier is a support power for Epsilon Headquarters, available once their Pandora Hub is upgraded with the Geneplug add-on. It protects friendly infantry in its area-of-effect with a powerful kinetic barrier that halves the damage they receive for a period of time.

AI behavior

The AI will use Kinetic Barrier on specific strike forces it has prepared and will regroup them near the enemy base when Kinetic Barrier is almost ready.

All difficulties

The following task forces will target anything:

The following task forces will prioritize structures and defenses before anything else:


The following strike forces will prioritize structures and defenses before anything else:

  • 9x Brutes; this strike force will only be built if a Cloning Vats is present.

The AI will often combine Kinetic Barrier, Rage and Regen/Wonder Drugs, as they usually share the same task forces.

The AI will also use Kinetic Barrier on Foehn Nanofiber Sync strike forces if available.


The Kinetic Barrier will briefly increase the durability of your troops.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Godsend

Act Two

  • The Kinetic Barrier is first usable in the campaign in Godsend. In this mission as well as in Metaphor, Machinehead (except on Mental difficulty), Blood Rage (except on Mental difficulty) and Backbitten (1st player), Kinetic Barrier can be activated without the need of a Geneplug.