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The leader of the Scorpion Cell has been captured by the Soviets shortly after the Cell's first operational MCV was delivered to Yuri. A rescue operation has been started to free him from the Guantanamo Bay, now occupied by the Latin Confederation forces.
—Mission description

Operation: Killing Fields is the ninth Epsilon Act One campaign mission.


Horrifying news, Proselyte! Rashidi has been captured, and by our very own Soviet army! Out of our expectations, the Soviets found out the existence of the Psychic Beacon in Xizang and sent Volkov and Chitzkoi to investigate. The problem was that Rashidi's forces were hidden among the separatists and in a bizarre turn of events, one of his troops took his favourite Mantis Tank to the field. Then the Soviet African Expedition, hiking the trail, eventually set a trap for Rashidi and now, he is detained in America's Guantanamo Bay, currently operated by the Latin Confederation. As you might expect, Yuri did his best to cover his tracks, but unfortunately the loose ends are all over the place if one does not control all minds. Soon they will tie PsiCorps to Rashidi, and request the arrest of Yuri for the time of investigation. Due to these circumstances, he has sensed their arrival and managed to hide in time.

In a way, its ideal Rashidi is here of all places, as the Confederation only recently and tentatively has gained control over the area - American freedom fighters roam outside the perimeter even now. The Confederation will not know it is PsiCorps forces here, and will fire on you. The prisons hold numerous political criminals and POWs. Recruit who you can, and they will gladly follow you. Find Rashidi and get him on a cargo plane before it's too late!

Objective 1: Destroy 4 Watch Towers in the main prison camp.
Objective 2: Find Rashidi.
Objective 3: Get Rashidi on the cargo plane.


Quiet rescue

The first Initiate squad were at the Proselyte's disposal and he allowed them to use their signature Psychic Jab to wipe out nearby Desperate Drivers and Jaguar Tanks. They marched along the coast where many American ships under the Confederation's control are stationed, avoiding Attack Dogs and silencing any infantry units encountered. They finally arrived at a Watch Tower protected by four Pillboxes and with operational spotlights. Should the initiates move within its range, the Confederation will be alerted and move Rashidi to a much more heavily-defended location. At this time, two Tesla Troopers came to reinforce the Initiate squad and detonated some barrels to clear a new road.

These infantry detonated another pile of barrels along the road to break into a prison camp. They liberated some prisoners there including Viruses, Tesla Troopers and GIs. In order to facilitate Rashidi's escape, the squad carefully avoided the spotlights and destroyed all four Watch Towers around the camp. After the threat was lifted, Initiates and the prisoners started searching for Rashidi and eventually found him in a building, unarmed.

Flight from Guantanamo

After Rashidi was rescued, a nearby Cargo Plane was immediately revealed, providing Rashidi with means of escape. Having discovered several Confederation Vultures parked near Cargo Plane's location, a tank battalion consisted of Lasher Tank and Rashidi's well-designed Gatling Tank was immediately dispatched to dispose of these defenses. After the tanks reached their position, the entire force performed their well-planned tactics: Viruses killed all infantry, Lasher Tanks destroyed Sentry Guns and Flak Cannons, Tesla Troopers destroyed all vehicles, and Gatling Tanks destroyed Vultures. After wiping out all the defenders nearby in one swift stroke, Rashidi safely boarded the plane and left Guantanamo.


Words cannot express how thankful I am you rescued me from that place. For a while I thought that Yuri wanted me disposed, now that he almost has his MCV. I am relieved I was mistaken, and this cooperation can continue.
—Rashidi on the mission's success

While en route to safety, Rashidi contacts the Proselyte, thanking him for his daring rescue effort, saying that words cannot express his gratitude. Rashidi initially thought that Yuri had abandoned him after he received what he wants, but the Proselyte's timely arrival made him relieved that he was mistaken.

Rashidi's escape, unfortunately, fuels the Soviets' suspicion on Yuri as the one behind the various problematic events in the recent times even further. Knowing this, Yuri tries to risk on a plan that could restore Kremlin's trust on him, if it works out well...

Difficulty changes


  • The player will receive warning when approaching Tesla Coil, and the shroud near the Coil will be revealed.


  • The player will receive warning when approaching Tesla Coil, and the shroud near the Coil will be revealed.


  • No hint text on avoiding spotlights, and 2 less Initiates will be sent.
  • No infantry will be sent with tank reinforcements after Rashidi is rescued.

Easter egg

  • There are five portable toilets scattered across the map. The locations are:
    • Middle right (Next to ball shaped fuel tank)
    • Top right (Just south of the lighthouse)
    • Middle (Next to a Repair Crane)
    • Top middle (Next to a radio tower)
    • Top left (South east of the compound Rashidi is in but north of the air strip)
  • Garrisoning them all with infantry will award the player with 5 elite Initiates while the following message is shown:
Really? Now? All five of them out? We don't have infinite troops here, you know.

Behind the scenes

  • This mission used to be the one with the most bugs existed prior to version 3.3.5:
    • A strange Cargo Plane might appear under the Watch Tower at the top left of the map, as well as the other one, which would appear behind the Cargo Plane which Rashidi needs to board. These two were easy to confuse.
    • If the player ran out of time the same moment their troops are spotted, Rashidi would turn Red after he's transferred and could not be rescued anymore, softlocking the mission.
    • Multiple scripts of teamtypes were incorrectly written in this mission, causing them to get stuck at the border of the map or not to appear at all. This included the hunt forces moving towards Rashidi at the north border on the road and several Attack Dogs at the southeast border.
    • The Cargo Planes which were used to paradrop the player's infantry were of the wrong type, they were from the neutral faction instead of the Soviet one.