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Fighting for the Pacific Front.
- A Kappa Tank
The Kappa Hover Tank is the main battle tank of the Pacific Front. Unlike the other main battle tanks, it has hover propulsions, allowing it to float over water and participate in naval battles.

Official description

The Kappa is a creature from Japanese folklore known to dwell in bodies of water, preying on humans and cattle. Like its mythical brethren, the Kappa Tank can traverse any body of water with ease, allowing it to attack unsuspecting enemies from almost any direction. Many Soviet and Epsilon bases have fallen victim to the Kappa's ability to overwhelm an enemy through a shore line assault.

The Kappa takes a lot of engine power to keep it afloat and achieve speeds as high as the Robot Tank does, which comes with more difficulty due to this tank's larger weight and the fact that it is still a manned vehicle. However, because of this remarkable speed, it makes a perfect anti-armor companion to the Robot Tank.[1]


The Kappa Hover Tank is an amphibious main battle tank, able to seamlessly transition between land and water combat, therefore giving Pacific Front commanders great flexibility on the battlefield.

Kappa Tanks are effective against armored vehicles, ships and structures. Using water traversing ability to their advantage, Kappa Tanks are capable of eliminating vehicles and structures that are normally inaccessible by ground forces. Kappa Tanks are also as capable on water as they are on land, often escorting ships and assaulting naval targets. Together with amphibious Robot Tanks, they are a significant threat in the waters.

Like all main battle tanks, Kappa Tanks are vulnerable to attacks from the air, as well as from anti-vehicle infantry. In the late game, Kappa Tanks are outmatched by monster tanks and heavy assault ships, but can still play a role in shoreline assaults or escorting duties due to its versatility. In addition, Kappa Tanks would sink if they happened to be disabled when over water, making them particularly susceptible against EMP or cryobeam weapons.


Act One

  • The Kappa Tank makes its first appearance as an enemy in Side Effect, when Pacific Front enters the Third Great War.
  • In the Covert Ops mission Eclipse, Kappa Tanks can be first controllable by Chinese as reinforcement unit. More can be built if an Allied War Factory is captured.

Act Two

  • For the Allies, due to the player's limited access to PF tech in the campaign, the Kappa Tank does not become buildable (without capturing enemy Pacific Front War Factories) until Stormbringer.


Limited number of Kappa Tanks assist the European forces in these following missions:


  • Effective against armored vehicles.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move.
  • Decent armor and firepower.
  • Amphibious.

  • Not as effective against infantry.
  • Vulnerable against aerial and anti-armor threats.
  • Inferior to heavy tanks.
  • EMP sinks them when over water.

Behind the scenes

  • During the development of 3.0, the Kappa Tank was known as the Predator Hover Tank and was going to be only available in the campaign.[2]
  • Prediconold
    In 3.0 the Kappa Tank had a different model, less speed and more strength than the current iteration, and increased healing from the Backwarp support power.


  • Kappa (河童) is a yōkai in Japanese folklore known for being associated with people drowning in rivers and lakes.

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