The Kanegawa Headquarters are, as its name suggests, the main bases of operations of Kanegawa Industries.


Kanegawa HQ buildings appear in the following missions, where they play no gameplay role:


  • In Tainted Empire, Yunru must be brought to the Kanegawa Headquarters building near a Chinese outpost in occupied Japan. While the Chinese and the Pacific Front forces initially aren't hostile to each other, this will change when Yunru reaches the Kanegawa HQ and its defences become active, and the player, controlling the PF forces, must defend it from said Chinese forces as well as another incoming Chinese attack. The Kanegawa HQ must survive until Yunru is evacuated. It gives access to advanced tier 3 units and support powers like a Tech Center with two exceptions: instead of the Cryocopter and Barracuda, it unlocks the EM Pulse support power and the Future Tank X-0.
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