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The Kanegawa Assembly is a research lab used by Kanegawa Industries.


Kanegawa Assembly buildings appear in the following missions, where they play no gameplay role:

Act One

  • In Unshakeable, once the cooperation between Pacific Front and China is uncovered, the player will be given an objective to capture the Kanegawa Assembly building near the Seismic Stabilizer. A short time after the Kanegawa Assembly is captured, the Seismic Stabilizer's self-destruction sequence will be disabled. Both buildings must then be defended from another Chinese attack until the invaders are wiped out.

Act Two

  • In the Stage V of Babel, the final Infiltrator needs to approach a Kanegawa Assembly at the top part of the Pocket Dimension to obtain a 10-digit random password to open the gate to the last Paradox Conductor.

Special Ops

  • In Digital Demon, Norio and a group of surviving Pacific Front loyalists must escort the KI Scientist to all three Assemblies to recover data on Suppression technology, the unfinished Hailstorm prototype and the Shin Tsurugi Decimator. The Decimator data recovery ends in failure after the PF traitors delete all data on the project.
  • In Split Seconds, a Proselyte is sent to the Shizuoka region to investigate and destroy all Chinese and Pacific Front forces and level the Assemblies. After the Chinese retreat, local PF forces send in Harbingers to wipe out the Epsilon base. One day after their setback, a second assault is launched. With assistance from the second Proselyte, Epsilon crushes the Pacific Front base, wipes out the Harbingers guarding it and destroys the Assemblies containing the new technology.


  • In Research Stroke, destroying one Kanegawa Assembly is the main objective of this mission.