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The Kamaz is a cargo truck of Russian origin widely used by the Soviet Union and the Epsilon Army.


Although Kamaz trucks often appear in skirmish maps as civilian units, they only serve gameplay-related purposes in the campaign, either as a map objective or as a transport for specific units or other objects. The Kamaz is never buildable as a unit and has no use in combat, not even crushing enemy infantry.


Act One

  • In Warranty Void, a peculiar Kamaz truck can be found east when the player's forces approach it. The truck will be shaking uncontrollably due to the captive within.

Act Two

Special Ops

  • In Archetype, once Boris and Morales locate the Allied Tech Center where the bodies of Volkov and Chitzkoi are housed, the bodies will be loaded onto a Kamaz truck. The truck must then be driven by Morales to the designated extraction point (it cannot move if Morales is not inside), while being escorted by Boris.
  • In the opening scene of Convergence, a Kamaz drives into mind-controlled American base. If the player destroys it, six Brutes will emerge from inside.
  • In Brothers in Arms, once three Nuclear Reactors is destroyed, Reznov and Krukov must board a friendly Kamaz among Epsilon convoy to get into the city in order to destroy the rest of reactors.


  • In Cyberanatomy, once Krukov and Reznov have achieved all of their objectives, they must be brought to a Kamaz truck to evacuate.
  • In Intoxicated, Reznov and Krukov arrive Zaragoza with a Kamaz. If the players allow Krukov to destroy it, Reznov will say:
Eh, Comrade.. Our supplies and ammunition were in there..

Behind the scenes

Kamaz's appearance prior to version 3.3

  • Kamaz has been added to the game since v2.0, but it starts playing role in campaign since a much later version (3.0).
  • The voxel of the Kamaz is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.