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Spin me round!
—A Jackal Racer requires to receive speed boost

The Jackal Racer is a fast infantry transport vehicle used by Foehn. It was created by Kanegawa Industries during the Third Great War.

Official description

The Jackal Racer is considered as one of the more important units in the Foehn arsenal, and there are several key factors that emphasize its position in the entire tech tree. First of all, while the Racer is fast on its own, its true speed can be achieved with its Spinblade-compatible windspin engines. Combined with an ability to levitate above the terrain, it becomes one of the faster units that can also cross water zones.

Moreover, the Jackal acts as an amphibious transport for Foehn infantry, which is a huge advantage over the other factions as only a War Factory is required for their construction. The passenger is capable of shooting from inside of the Jackal Racer, making it an ideal combat transport. Additionally, the unit's weapon, a crystal-amplified sonic wave, allows it to vaporize enemy infantry before they can even blink. The wave will damage every object it goes through, and can be fired as the Jackal moves.

The Jackal is not without its drawbacks, as it is a relatively expensive low-tech unit and its chassis is not very resistant to enemy fire. Regardless, they are very effective units for advanced hit'n'run tactics.[1]


The Jackal Racer is both Foehn's Tier 1 anti-infantry vehicle, and its main transport, thanks to its amphibious nature. Jackals possess two features that make it stand out from most of counterparts, namely its incredible speed and its open-topped nature.

Jackals are one of the fastest early game units, holding an un-boosted speed of 8. This pairs really well with its second feature, as units within the Jackal can fire out at enemy units; Knightframes can tear through infantry squads and aircraft, Lancers can take potshots and incoming tanks, etc. If that wasn't enough, when they are near a Spinblade, they gain a speed buff, making them outpace almost any ground unit. Used well, this can be used to drop surgical strikes on unprepared enemy forces, or to dump a Clairvoyant right on top of an unwalled refinery.

Despite its strengths, the Jackal is rather fragile, which can result in some nasty losses if too heavily relied on, especially since the unit itself is rather pricey compared to similar Tier 1 anti-infantry vehicles. When used to strike, it is advised to keep them away from anti-armor threats, especially vehicular ones. They only have basic passenger survivability, so using them to attack with valuable heroes may result in the loss of both, so handle those setups with particular care. As an extra precaution, be wary of Chinese Dragonflies, Russian Tesla Cruisers and any other source of EMP, as they can sink an unwary Jackal hovering over water.


The transport has arrived. The Jackal has already proven to be a reliable escape unit.
—Foehn intel during Operation: Nobody Home
Jackal Racer prototype cameo

In the campaign Jackal Racers appear as prototypes bearing the Allied unit color scheme, which are only identified as Enemy Vehicle to opposing factions. They are notably used by the Foehn Revolt's important personnel.

Act One

Inactive prototype Jackal Racers in Think Different

  • Several inactive prototype Jackal Racers appear in Think Different on the northern KI complex and in Eclipse on the initial Pacific Front outpost.

Act Two


  • At the end of Nobody Home, a prototype Jackal Racer picks up Yunru on the shore of Mangla Dam Lake.
  • At the beginning of Kill the Messenger, a prototype Jackal Racer delivers a Huntress to seize control of a Chinese MCV. After the area around the Ironwing is secured, the prototype Jackal Racer from Nobody Home will deliver Yunru at the site of the player's original base. Both prototype Jackal Racers are fully functional and controllable by the player. From this mission, it can be inferred that the Jackal is the first Foehn unit that employs sonic weaponry.
  • In Tainted Empire, once the Psychic Beacon controlling the northern Pacific Front outpost is neutralized, the player will take control of six prototype Jackal Racers in the said outpost.
  • In The Great Beyond, the player starts in control of four prototype Jackal Racers, and more of them will be sent as the mission progresses.
  • In The Remnant, the Jackal Racer can be built from the Allied War Factory.

Special Ops

  • In the Epsilon Special Ops mission Split Seconds, enemy Jackal Racer prototypes appear in the ranks of the Pacific Front.


  • Good against infantry and light vehicles.
  • Can fire on the move and easily kite infantry.
  • Can transport infantry, allowing infantry to fire from inside.
  • Very fast, can be further boosted by Spinblades.
  • Amphibious.
  • Expensive light vehicle.
  • Lightly armored and fragile.
  • Vulnerable against anti-armor weapons.
  • Cannot crush infantry.
  • Low passenger survivability rate.
  • EMP sinks them when over water.


  • The Jackal Racer's body is technically a mobile turret, so it cannot cast a shadow. The same goes with the Pteranodon.
  • Of all buildable Foehn units in Origins, the Jackal Racer is the last to be unlocked despite being the first Foehn unit to appear in the campaign.

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