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Irritator, here to cause distress.

The Irritator is a combat support vehicle used by Haihead to disrupt enemy formations, turning them against each other with its confusion rays, or marking enemies with illumination flares that makes them more vulnerable to attacks.

Official description

The Irritator is Haihead's peculiar 8-wheeler with a highly experimental weapon. Mere months before their deployments, the Haihead forces successfully performed a defense operation using a newly designed weapon, which effectively caused the attackers to lose sight of their targets, and start fighting each other instead. The weapon, dubbed the "Confusion Ray", does precisely what it says on the tin: it confuses the enemy in regards to who their real enemy is, which results in a likely friendly-fire scenario.

When deployed, the Irritator can launch an illumination flare, which will make the targeted position more visible to the Foehn troops. All units in the designated area during the flare's detonation will become more prone to damage, due to their positions being clearly revealed to the forces nearby. The Irritator has no damaging weapons f its own, and cannot use either of its weapons on the move.[1]


Irritators cause distress within enemy ranks from a distance by using its confusion ray. Once confused, an enemy unit will start to attack its allies before targeting Foehn units. This makes them instrumental in disorganizing enemy platoons that try to attack a Haihead base.

In addition, Irritators can deploy to launch an illumination flare that will disorientate enemies, leaving them more vulnerable to damage. It makes the Irritator an excellent support units for Haihead’s other, faster offensive units such as the Cyclops or Megalodon.

Be careful, however. As with every unit that is equipped with confusion rays (except for one), Irritators have no means of defending themselves. This makes them vulnerable to units that travel alone as they will have no other target aside from the Irritator that just so happens to be making it angry. Also, it isn’t easy to retrieve an Irritator in such a situation as units that are likely to travel alone are absurdly powerful such as Rahn, Volkov, or even the Cyborg Commando. Finally, it is disturbingly slow for a Haihead unit, seeing how the faction is built around swift and brutal attacks.

AI behavior

Irritators controlled by the Ai have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting anything
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Irritator
  • 2x targeting infantry, accompanied by 4 Jackal Racers
  • 2x targeting vehicles, accompanied by 3 Cyclops Walkers
  • 1x guarding Shrike Nests or Railgun Towers
    • This task force may be ordered to deploy to its flare mode
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Irritator


  • Can confuse groups of enemies, causing them to attack their own allies.
  • Can also debuff enemies, making them more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Long effective range.
  • Confusion weaponry is the single most effective battlefield effect in the game since only Hero and Epic unit are able to resist them (even drones are prone to malfunction and stop following orders).
  • Expensive support unit.
  • Cannot damage enemies.
  • Cannot target aircraft.
  • Very fragile.
  • Can ONLY be effective for an army of 2 unit or more, making unsupported Irritator become a slow chunk of meat to get slaughter by anything that travels alone (Terror Drone, Crazy Ivan, Brute, Guardian GI...)
  • Painfully slow ROF and relatively small confusion AOF.


  • Irritator is a genus of spinosaurid dinosaurs that lived on the early Cretaceous era in Brazil.
  • When the Irritator and possibly the Seitaad Ballista were first teased in an official news bulletin (see Gallery), there is flavor text included in the teaser (may not be accurate in the present version)[2]:
Proselyte, as Yuri foresaw, our enemies from the European Alliance continue to develop their technologies and experiment with new weapons. We can sense it. Our foes are creating potent weapons which they will use against us. We must strike first and destroy the SteinsTech Hangar within the London Fortress, it so happens we have just the thing for that.

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