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The Irradiation Beta is a support power used by Russia and Latin Confederation from a Nuclear Converter that does as its name suggests by temporarily irradiating friendly Tesla/Shock Troopers, Desolators, and vehicles with constant nuclear radiation that damages nearby enemies while the radiation field lasts. Irradiation also works on cyborgs (including Volkov and Chitzkoi), Clairvoyants and Duplicants.

China have access to the longer-lasting Irradiation Gamma instead.

AI behavior

The AI will cast Irradiation Beta on specific task forces that will be prepared and will regroup near the enemy base when Irradiation Beta is 70% ready, or roughly 1:30 minutes before it is ready.


The following task forces will target production structures before other structures due to their effectiveness versus these targets:

The AI will deploy Invulnerability as well.

The following task forces will target anything rather than a specific target:

  • 4x Terror Drones (hold fire mode)
    • The Terror Drones will switch to their default mode before attacking
    • The AI will deploy Invulnerability as well


The following task forces, comprising of monster tanks, will follow the same procedure, but they will target anything rather than a specific target. Only Hard AI will send out these strike forces:

The AI will deploy Invulnerability as well.


Irradiation ² can create a deadly field around your units and the Topol-Ms temporarily.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Road to Nowhere

Act One

Special Ops

  • In the first phase of Time Capsule, Irradiation Beta is one of many one-time support powers that can be found in crates scattered around the battlefield. The Irradiation Beta crate can be found near the area where a large amount of Bloaticks are caged. In the second phase, it will be permanently available after Yunru reaches Helibunker. Its cooldown is decreased to 12 seconds.


  • Chronologically, Irradiation Beta is unlocked in Thunder God.

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