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Irradiation is a Chinese support power available from the Atomheart that does as its name suggests by temporarily irradiating friendly vehicles with constant nuclear radiation akin to the Eradicator's that damages nearby enemies while the radiation field lasts.

The cursor used in Irradiation is also used by Desolators and Eradicators when ordering them to deploy.

AI behavior

The AI will cast Irradiation on specific task forces that will be prepared and will regroup near the enemy base when Irradiation is nearly ready.

  • A task force comprising of 2 Armadillos will prioritize production structures before other structures. Only Medium and Hard AI will send out this strike force.
  • A task force comprising of 4 Nuwa Cannons will target anything rather than a specific target. Only Hard AI will send out this strike force.


Act One

  • The Irradiation is first put to use in Dragonstorm, by the Chinese enemies.
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