The Ironwing is a hypersonic aircraft created by Kanegawa Industries and used by both Foehn Revolt and China.


The Ironwing is an experimental invulnerable hypersonic aircraft stationed in the Chinese-controlled Fort Shevchenko in Kazakhstan, near a Foehn sleeper cell, where Yunru flees to after the destruction of the Kashmir base. Its capture by the Foehn Revolt allows Yunru to reach the Kanegawa Headquarters in Hokkaido, Japan in record time.



  • Kill the Messenger is dedicated to securing the Ironwing, first by destroying the Iron Curtain Device protecting it and nearby Chinese forces, then clearing the area around it of hostiles and capturing the Airbase to gain access to its control code. Afterwards, Yunru will arrive at the player's initial base and must be taken into the Ironwing.
  • At the beginning of Tainted Empire, after the initial group of Kappa Tanks and Armadillos clear the Chinese forces near the beachhead, Yunru will paradrop into the area from the Ironwing.
  • At the start of The Great Beyond, the Ironwing delivers Yunru to the Foehn base in the Bering Sea.


  • The Ironwing bares a similar role to the Iron Dragon from Generals Zero Hour.
  • The Ironwing closely resembles the Lockheed Martin SR-72 hypersonic UAV.
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