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The Great Wall wasn't built in a day. The Chinese forces have deployed their own advanced Iron Curtain tech, including the deadly Iron Dragon and even what looks like a new Centurion. The Wall moves dangerously fast and it is up to you to stop it.
—Map description

Ironwall Challenge is the sixth Challenge map that pits the player(s) against three heavy iron curtain-armed Chinese enemies.


The enemy AI initially has a heavy defense line consisting of a large number of Hammer Defenses, Tech SAM Bunkers, Iron Guards and Iron Dragons, which increases difficulty of the players' frontal attack.

When 6 minutes after the game starts, the Iron Curtain effect timer will start to display, and the enemy will deploy it to strengthen the defense line every 14 minutes. Within the effective time of the Iron Curtain effect, all enemy's Hammer Defenses, Tech SAM Bunkers, Tech Artillery Bunkers, Iron Guards and old Iron Curtain Devices will gain Invulnerability. Even if the enemy is in a power-off state, the release of the Iron Curtain effect will not be suspended. To stop the effect, the players need to destroy the 8 old Iron Curtain Devices marked on the map. After destroying all the old Iron Curtain Devices, the regular iron curtain effect will vanish. However, it should be noted that the iron curtain effect will affect the old Iron Curtain Device themselves when it takes effect, making it invulnerable. Players need to choose a suitable time to destroy them.

While the Iron Curtain position is in effect, each of the 8 old Iron Curtain Devices corresponds to 4 enemy force reinforcement points in a group of 2 each. Each reinforcement point will spawn Qilin Tanks, Armadillos and Nuwa Cannons in turn to attack players, and these vehicle squads will be given an iron curtain effect when they enter the map. Each destruction of a group of old Iron Curtain Devices will terminate the spawning of the enemy's reinforcement points. In addition, the Cyborg Vanguard team will enter the battlefield from the back of the enemy base, and then attack the player.

Support power changes/additions:

  • Irradiation Gamma's cooldown decreased to 4:00;
  • Enemy will not use Nuclear Path actively as part of its vehicles gets its permanent default effect.

Unit changes/additions:

  • Qilin Tank, Nuwa Cannon, Sentinel and Armadillo will generate iron curtain effect similar to the Iron Dragon when destroyed, adding invincibility for 210 frames to surrounding enemy's units. The Iron Dragon's death effect duration is also extended like this.
  • Qilin Tank, Nuwa Cannon and Armadillo gets permanent Nuclear Path effect.
  • A special Centurion Siege Crawler replaced the enemy's normal Centurion. It is equipped with a long-range rad cannons and immobilizer, and has a higher durability. The enemy will send it to attack the player through regular construction and periodical reinforcements.

Start point Tech buildings

Challengers' start point is protected by Tech Concrete Walls.

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