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The Iron Guard is a Soviet support defense structure that is basically a "sister" to the Iron Curtain Device that makes nearby friendly vehicles invulnerable.

Official description

The Soviets have long needed an answer to the Allied Gap Generator technology. In the end, what the Soviets could not hide on radars or beneath the shroud, they've decided to cover with impenetrable armor created on the same principlies the Iron Curtain Device makes use of. Thus came the Iron Guard, a structure that immediately gives an impression of a miniature Iron Curtain, more akin to the decomissioned version used during the Second Great War.

The Iron Guard will make all vehicles nearby indestructible for as long as the device is powered or they don't leave its range. Unfortunately, due to high energy requirement and general instability of this experimental Iron Curtain model, a very limited amount of these devices can be maintained at once.[1]


Vehicles inside an Iron Guard's range will not become shielded immediately. The Iron Curtain effect needs a few seconds to kick in, and will wear off a couple of seconds after vehicles leaves the Iron Guard's radius.

As a Soviet General is only limited to two of these structures at a time per battlefield, its location of deployment should be carefully considered prior to construction. Ideal positions include valuable choke points and the front lines of a base where one should anticipate heavy armored skirmishes.

Curiously, the Iron Guard can be rendered invulnerable by its larger counterpart, preventing artillery and other adversaries with anti-building capabilities to eliminate it, thereby forcing the enemy to either take the risk of push into hostile territory or sound the retreat, buying enough time for a Soviet General to rebuild his/her forces.

As the Iron Guard constantly applies Invulnerability, this causes it to kill friendly Dolphins and Giant Squids within its radius.

Unlike its counterparts, the Iron Guard requires a superweapon to construct, which makes it more demanding in price and power in order to construct (or worse, unavailable if the Superweapons option is turned off).


Act Two

  • Iron Huard debuts as enemy defense in The Conqueror.
  • The Iron Guard is introduced in Juggernaut, halfway through the mission when there are 25 minutes left until Chinese reinforcements arrive.


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