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Invulnerability is a support power that is the ability of the Soviet defensive superweapon, the Iron Curtain Device. It covers vehicles and buildings in its area-of-effect by a black-tinted energy shield that renders them completely impervious to any damage and external interference (such as mind control and confusion rays) for a good period of time.

For unknown reasons, Invulnerability does not work on infantry, enemy vehicles and structures, and the M.A.D.M.A.N.. It also lasts shorter than usual if used on Terror Drones.

AI behavior

The AI will cast Invulnerability on specific task forces that will be prepared and will regroup near the enemy base when the Iron Curtain is nearly ready.

The following task forces will prioritize targeting production structures before other structures due to their effectiveness versus these targets:

All difficulties


The following task forces, comprising of monster tanks, will follow the same procedure, but they will target anything rather than a specific target. Only Hard AI will send out these strike forces:



Act One

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