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An unusual activity has been observed in what used to be one of the Soviet bases in Spain after it was raided by Yuri's commandos. Reznov and Krukov are sent to investigate.
—Mission description

Operation: Intoxicated is the twelfth Soviet cooperative mission.


REZNOV: "This old Confederation base has been overrun by some dangerous foes."

KRUKOV: "Yuri's doing. Whatever he has here will not be good news for us."

Objective 1: Find and eliminate the source of the infections.

Objective 2: Kill all Brutes, Bloaticks, Stalkers, and Infected Humans.


Finding the source of infection

Two colonels arrived at the north of Zaragoza through a Kamaz, and witnessed a train passed the road dragging with poison gas. Then they believed that it was Yuri was responsible for the previous friendly stronghold that was transformed into a terror place filled with poisonous gas that time, and whatever there had would not be good for the Soviets.

They quickly set out along the road the train came from and soon arrived at the site of the old Confederation base. They found the base reconstructed by Epsilon in a certain point of time before but abandoned afterwards for unknown reason. It wasn't long before they were surrounded by a large number of powerful mutants and horrible zombies. They exclaimed after killing the first incoming monsters: Zaragoza has become a breeding ground of Yuri's inhuman army.

The two colonels took Pyros in the city to destroy the monsters while observing their sources. They then discovered that most of the monsters were close to them from the southwest side, after which they decided to go southwest. Along the way, they also found a spider with a large belly, which produces gas after blew; a special variant of Brutes whom seem mutated to a whole other level; a gene-manipulated heavy infantry who uses two type of cannons against the squad; and lastly several empty Bio Tanks that are the same with what Morales had seen in Rio before.

Sure enough, they found four Cloning Vats in the southwest, and the monsters were drilling out from here, and the surface near the base was completely gone. It seems that these Confederation old Cloning Vats were used by Yuri in some way. Two colonels and Pyros arrived here without hesitation choosing to destroy them. When the four dangerous Cloning Vats were destroyed, the monster was no longer released.

Bury all evil creatures

After clarifying the sources of pollution, the two colonels realized that the extraordinary mutations here was the manifestation of Yuri’s weaponization of biochemical monsters. Then they decided to kill all the monsters in the city.

At this point, the two colonels obtained the vision of the entire city. They also positioned the remaining monsters by radar, and their number was still quite large. The two colonels and Pyros worked tirelessly in the abandoned city to reach every monster and eliminate them one by one. Bloaticks stayed in poisonous places, and the other two monsters were actively approaching them. Soon afterwards, the monsters in the city had been annihilated.

After the mission was completed, they decided to rest in a safe place and plan for the next step.


The terror city finally recovered a bit of peace. Two colonels fully witnessed the terrible virus technology and genetic technology invented by Epsilon... But Epsilon's evil was far more than that.

Difficulty changes


  • An firepower upgrade crate, armor upgrade crate and speed upgrade crate is stationed at initial position.
  • 2 Pyro squads will be sent as initial forces.
  • A heal crate is stationed near Cloning Vats.
  • 2 Viruses will be removed.


  • 2 Pyro squads will be sent to each player after both Viruses are killed.
  • 2 heal crates will appear on the map.
  • When players destroyed all the Cloning Vats, the time before all the creatures in the city to chase the players' squads is shorter than on Easy difficulty.


  • No Pyro reinforcements will be given even killed both Viruses.
  • When players destroyed all the Cloning Vats, the time before all the creatures in the city to chase the players' squads is shorter than on Easy difficulty.

Easter egg


Destroy each Stone Fire buildings at the rear of the cliff walls to receive bonus crates. The upper Stone Fire building will drop a firepower and health crate, while the lower one will drop an armor and health crate.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, this mission took place before Cyberanatomy, being considered as an early Act Two period mission.