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The time has come. Yuri's primary base, his largest settlement in the world, the Epsilon Headquarters, has been revealed. United, the Allied Nations begin their quest to destroy it with the use of the Paradox Engine and stop the madman's diabolical devices, before the free world is completely lost.
—Mission description

Operation: Insomnia is the tenth Allied Act Two campaign mission.


Commander, great news! Thanks to the Master Spires that we captured in Cape Town, we've discovered that Yuri's primary main base of operations is located in Antarctica. Unfortunately, this knowledge came at a price. The Paradox Engine's backup Battery, stationed on Ascension Island, was destroyed by the Epsilon forces during our battle for Cape Point. As a result, use of the Time Freeze ability is to be sparse, as the only way we can recharge the Engine now is by completely powering it down first, rendering it defenseless. We have no time to spare, so this move will be all or nothing; all of our forces are en route to Antarctica now. If Yuri is preparing an even stronger mind control weapon, no new base we established will hold for long anywhere. Preliminary analysis of the landing zones shows us that we should be able to get our naval forces quite far in, as it appears that chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf are starting to melt and detach, possibly due to a strange energy field growing stronger over the continent.

A strike force shall be making landfall along the Weddell Sea, and from there we will move inward until we reach the Epsilon HQ. Battlefield scans of the battlefield also revealed the existence of two Psychic Dominators, the superweapon that you encountered back in Cape Town, right at the shores of Antarctica. Their psionic energy is a direct threat to the task force, as well as the Paradox Engine itself, and will need to be dealt with. The Paradox Engine will be passing over the sea not long after landfall is made, and is absolutely vital to the success of the operation. Use its powers well.

Objective 1: Destroy all Epsilon bases in the area.
Objective 2: Destroy Radar Spires & Mind Readers to disable the Hives.
Objective 3: The Paradox Engine must not be destroyed.


Preparing the beachhead

Game's over Yuri, you're about to lose!
—Special Agent Tanya

The advance landing party on-board of several Voyagers which Siegfried himself leads the attack. Paratroopers were dropped right behind enemy lines as the Time Freeze was triggered, allowing them to destroy the first line of defense. There the Allied Commander began constructing a base with another Allied Base being built in the East.

At the same moment, he took advantage of the time freeze as he command his forces to steadily destroy more Epsilon Defenses. Later Tanya was paradropped with several soldiers to join the battle as additional reinforcements pour in.

Eventually the time freeze began to fade out and the Epsilon forces began their counter attack, the Commander is warned that the Epsilon forces are now testing how likely the Time Freeze is going to occur and now making grim efforts to send the Allies back to the sea. Not waiting for that to happen, he continued to push further with his allies to coordinate in attacking the Epsilon forces.

After a while, another Allied forward base was constructed right after the Commander destroy the Epsilon Naval Docks as well as silencing a strange Outpost that brings forth additional enemy air units.

The arrival of Paradox Engine

You overestimate your power. Control over time will not grant you victory. Leave, or suffer the consequences of your actions.
—Yuri's warning

Sometime later the Paradox Engine appear onto the battlefield with a mighty air armada consisting of multiple Thor Gunships and Rocketeers as well as Norio escorting it. The Commander was given command to a group of Thor Gunships and Rocketeers as the Allied Air Armada pushed deep southwards.

Highly alarmed, the Epsilon calls forth their own air armada with an Aerial Fortress Irkalla being deployed as well to destroy the Paradox but nevertheless this was dealt with ease as the Allied forces continue their relentless assault. Then after a while, the Commander was given command of the Paradox Engine itself along with that he noticed that he was given full access to all Allied techs as an honor of leading the Allies from the beginning. Another asset is that he can use the Chronoshift installed on the Paradox as well as its Time Freeze.

Not willing to waste such an opportunity, the Commander decided to combine the full might of the Allied fury against Yuri's forces.


Using the Time Freeze, the power of the Weather Controller and the might of the Allied forces the Allied Commander and his allies pushed further. Punching deeper as the desperate Epsilon forces attempted to stall them with everything they got.

Soon afterward, with the help of surgical strikes from Barracuda bombers, the Dybbuk Hive that was being a thorn against the Allies are becoming less of a threat to almost none. At the same moment, Tanya onboard on a Stryker IFV was chronoshifted right to the 2 Psychic Dominators and destroyed them with ease. But before she was killed on the spot, she was quickly chronoshifted before returning back to the "party". Now without the Epsilon's superweapon, the Allies attacks become more aggressive as they destroyed the enemy.

Separate ways

Norio and a small PF force intercept reinforcing Epsilon and brainwashed forces

Once all Epsilon resistance was reduced to nothing, one of the Allied Task Force had picked up large movements across the southern hemisphere. It seems that Yuri has called all Epsilon forces along with their brainwashed victims for the final battle. Unwilling to allow that, Norio volunteered along with a small PF force to intercept this threat from jeopardizing the Allies' plan.

Furthermore the Antarctic ice sheets have melted enough for naval forces to move deep into the continent, allowing the Allies to call for more reinforcements.


Our push towards the Epsilon HQ with its mysterious enormous construction continues. If it is anything even slightly more powerful than the Psychic Amplifier or the Psychic Dominator, it must be eliminated as soon as possible, before we're out of options.
—Battlefield report

After the collapse of Epsilon's first defense line, Siegfried pointed out that the huge tower in South Pole is continuously releasing interference signals, and the Allies will only have to fight separately in the future. As Norio and the Pacific Front forces headed back to strike back, Siegfried took Tanya and the Paradox Engine, along with other Euro Alliance main forces to continue advancing toward the Antarctic hinterland. The Allied Commander himself would be taking charge of this last-ditch operation - it was now or never.

While the primary force accompanying the Paradox Engine would proceed with its relentless push towards the core of the Epsilon's Antarctic fortress, multiple Allied divisions would spread out across the continent and establish support bases while also acting as rearguards for the main expeditionary force. A particular joint American/Pacific Front army would eventually find themselves be overwhelmed, resulting in the death of a commander. To make matters worse, a particular element that would doom the entire Allied campaign was about to show itself - and this combined US/PF division would unravel the first clues to this enigma.

Difficulty changes



  • Starting credits: 75000
  • Only the western Dybbuk Hive will be automatically destroyed by Navy SEALs.
  • Epsilon will deploy some Hazequads.
  • Some Hijackers will be sent after Paradox Engine arrives, and the Scorpion Cell will train them as well, though they will not move.
  • Epsilon will continuously send Marauders to attack player's base from both front and bottom.
  • Drillers carrying several infantry will continuously appear at the ore zone near player's base.
  • Large amounts of air units will appear when 3 specific Bio Reactors are destroyed.
  • 4 Cloning Vats at the center of the map will spawn Initates, Archers, Brutes, Bloaticks, Duneriders and Epsilon Elites.


  • Starting credits: 65000
  • The number of each reinforcements of friendly forces will be decreased.
  • Both western and eastern Dybbuk Hives must be manually destroyed by the player.
  • Epsilon will deploy some Hazequads.
  • Some Hijackers will be sent after Paradox Engine arrives, and the Scorpion Cell will train them as well, though they will not move.
  • Epsilon will continuously send Marauders to attack player's base from both front and back.
  • Drillers carrying several infantry will continuously appear at the ore zone near player's base.
  • Large amounts of air units will appear when 3 specific Bio Reactors are destroyed.
  • 3 Drillers carrying infantry will appear near the Paradox Engine's position after it is given to the player control.
  • Continuous Reshephs spawned from west ice tunnel will come to attack player's base.
  • Type of Mandjets carrying different units are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • 4 Cloning Vats at the center of the map will spawn Initiates, Archers, Brutes, Bloaticks, Duneriders, Epsilon Elites, Viruses and Stalkers.

Easter egg

We merged the data found in the shipwrecks to triangulate our long-range sensors.
—Allied intel after repairing the 3 Shipwrecks
  • There are 3 broken Shipwrecks in the map. If all of them are repaired by Engineers, the entire map will be revealed.
Commander, we don't believe those seals to be the soldiers of Yuri..
—Allied intel if all seal critters are killed
  • Kill all animal seals on the map will get a reward with one veterancy crate and a money crate.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.3, a Fortress mode multiplier map shares a same name with this mission. However, this map has been renamed as Insurgence concurrently when this mission is added into version 3.3.3.


One Time Freeze was enough to disable all the Hives. That was some fine work.
—Allied intel
  • The music used in this mission's gameplay is Virus by Frank Klepacki who composed the Allied and Soviet soundtrack.
  • If the player managed to destroy all the Radar Spires and Mind Readers in a single Time Freeze, a message will appear as shown above.
  • A Dragonfly patrolling on the top of the battlefield can be seen. As the only other faction that is aware of the Allied invasion of Antarctica at this point in time is the Foehn Revolt based from the briefing in the mission The Great Beyond, it is implied they own the Dragonfly.
  • This is the first Allied mission to feature a playable Paradox Engine.
  • This is the only Allied mission to feature all three playable heroes in each subfaction which are in the following order of appearance.