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The Inferno Tower is the Epsilon's advanced anti-ground defense structure.

Official description

Inferno Towers are complex defenses which utilize the pyrokinetic techniques of Epsilon to punch through armored forces and instantly dismember infantry. The exact technology behind the weapon is kept in secret by Epsilon, however the effects of it are obvious.

Additionally, unlike Tesla Coils or standard Prism Towers, the Inferno Tower is capable of hitting a number of units at once in a small radius. The effectiveness of an Inferno Tower can be increased further temporarily with the use of the Psychic Flash support power, which is accessed from the Pandora Hub.[1]


The Inferno Tower is the Epsilon advanced tier 2 defense. Like most advanced defenses, they are effective against any ground threat like infantry and vehicles. The main difference between the other advanced defenses is its ability to deal splash damage. Its attacks have a small explosive radius making them effective against units bunched up together.

However, like most defenses, it is vulnerable to siege units. While having splash damage, it is limited as it only covers a 3x3 area and the units surrounding the Tower's target receives less damage. It also cannot attack air units, requiring Gatling Cannons or Gatling Tanks in Tank Bunkers for support.


Inferno Tower is our new defense. Its beam can melt both human flesh and tank armor.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Divergence

Act Two

  • The Inferno Tower makes its first appearance as a buildable structure in Divergence.

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