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—Infector Tank

The Infector Tank is a Chinese support vehicle that only appears in the campaign (despite its name, it is not an actual tank). Being a precursor of the Foehn Raccoon, its ECM systems allow it to jam enemy weapons and disable enemy structures, although it could not block enemy support powers around it yet.



  • Infector Tanks are part of the enemy Chinese forces in Tainted Empire. They cannot be built even if the player captures the Chinese base, although they can be mind-controlled with a captured Epsilon Adept, Epsilon Elite or Mastermind from an Epsilon base.
  • In The Great Beyond, if the player chooses to play with the Chinese arsenal, the Infector Tank will become buildable a few minutes after the mission begins. It is mentioned that the Foehn have acquired the Infector Tank's plans from the Chinese army in the previous mission, Tainted Empire.

Behind the scenes

The v.3.3 Infector Tank's voxel is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.


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