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Infectors are zombie-like creatures that appear in some Epsilon Headquarters biochemical facilities.


Infectors are slow combatants that are only armed with their hands. While they are able to do some damage to Krukov and Reznov if they can get close, their slow speed makes them vulnerable to kiting, and they pose much less threat compared to Brutes or Bloaticks.


- Looks like some of Yuri's experiments went wrong. They're infected.
- But also quite slow. We should get rid of the Vats behind them.
—Tanya and Siegfried during Operation: Hamartia

Act Two

  • In the first phase of Hamartia (underground phase), there are two Cloning Vats that, once Tanya and Siegfried get close enough, will start rapidly spawning Infectors until they're destroyed.

Special Ops

  • In Time Capsule, some Infectors are present in a hidden sewer area of the underground facility.


  • Infectors appear among the enemies in Intoxicated. They'll continuously spawn from the four infected Cloning Vats until they're destroyed. Exterminating them alongside all other wild Epsilon creatures in the city is the main mission objective.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.6, the Infector was called Infested Human, and its body was white instead of green.