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Infantry Only is a game mode specially designed for pure infantry combat. Based on the Tech Share mode, it disables all vehicles (barring miners), ships and aircrafts. Some technology are combined and adjusted for balance reasons. Introduced in 3.3 and balanced throughout the patches, the Infantry Only mode has attained reasonable balance suitable for multiplayer games. It offers a chess-like playstyle much different from either standard Mental Omega skirmish or original Red Alert 2.


Global settings

  • Player gains access to all subfactions' technology, similar to in Tech Share. Thus there's no difference among the three subfactions in the same faction.
  • All War Factories, Airfields, Shipyards and Eco-boosters removed (For Allies' tier 2 tech provider check below). No Naval Combat and Limited MCV enforced by the client.
  • Refinery cost reduced by $500 (Allies/Soviets/Epsilon $2000 => $1500, Foehn $1400 => 900). Sell price decreased to $50 from $300.
  • Stolen Tech prohibited by the client. Cyborg Commando is not trainable in any way.
  • Bonus Crates no longer spawn units. Veteran Crate probability increased to 10 from 8.
  • AI builds less defenses (42/22/14 => 22/12/8 hard/medium/easy).





Tech Buildings


Due to the subfactions' tech are generally shared to the whole faction, some factions can play with mixed infantry types.

The Sovicon.png Soviet Union has a great advantage in this mode. For the Soviet players, large amount of Gyrocopters is considerable, along with Eradicators, Flak Troopers and Morales.

For the Allicon.png Allied Nations, spamming Riot Troopers and Rocketeers is also a good choice.

Foeicon.png Foehn Revolt can spam Duplicant and Zorbtrotter/Zorbfloater, and make good use of Fin.

Behind the scenes

  • In older versions, the game mode is called Bloody Games.

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  • Version 3.3.5 
    • Change: Tech Secret Lab is now removed.

  • Version 3.3.3 
    • Fixed: Rahn should no longer be trainable. You cannot build Dybbuk-Evolver through Tech Airfield anymore.
    • Fixed: Smoke Turret is now correctly available in Infantry Only game mode.
    • Fixed: Fake Domination recharges 15 minutes in Infantry Only game mode, just like the Domination modified for this mode.
    • Change: Tech Reinforcement Pad is now also present in Infantry Only mode, but it provides basic infantry instead of vehicles.
    • Change: Price of all T1 anti-infantry defenses increased by $200 in Infantry Only mode.
    • Change: Price of all T2 defenses increased to $1500 in Infantry Only mode.
    • Change: Disabled all T3 advanced defenses in Infantry Only mode.
  • Version 3.3.2 
    • Fixed: Russian AI should no longer build deployed Stalin's Fists.
    • Fixed: You can no longer get Hijackers by capturing a Tech Secret Lab.
    • Fixed: Amount of money given to the player for selling refineries in Infantry Only mode is now $50.
    • Change: Harbinger Tower is no longer available in Infantry Only mode.
    • Change: Foehn Ore Refinery price in Infantry Only mode changed from $1100 to $900.
  • Version 3.3.1 
    • Fixed: AI should no longer build War Factories if 'Mental AI' is enabled.
    • Fixed: AI should no longer build Boidmachine or Megaarena Projector.
    • Fixed: AI should no longer build fighter jets/bombers when it captures a Tech Airfield.
  • Version 3.0 
    • Name changed to Infantry Only.
  • Version 2.0 Added.