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The Soviets are attacking Athens, home of veteran Nikos Stavros. He asks for deployment of a taskforce in Glifada to destroy the Soviet base in Greece and retake the city.
—Mission description

Operation: Impersonal War is the third Allied cooperative mission.

Opening cutscene

We don't have enough resources to destroy this defense line and get to the city. Take control of the Soviet naval base to better our odds.

Objective 1: Destroy all Russian forces in the city.


Power improving

The two commanders faced three major difficulties: first, one commander had no Construction Yard, but only have Barracks, Air Force Command Headquarters, Naval Shipyard, and a limited number of Enterprise Aircraft Carriers; second, limited resources near their bases; third, the entrance on the east was tightly blocked by Tesla Coils, Tech Artillery Bunkers and some vehicle units, and they could only rush from the harbor on the west side.

The other commander owned the Construction Yard, but the construction authorization for his Naval Shipyard would not be available until 20 minutes later. Therefore, the offensive seaport mission was handed over to the commander who could build the navy.

The outside commander sold the Patriot Missile Sites because he found that the enemy had hardly used the air forces, and after selling them, the base's power supply returned to normal so that he could use the radar. Then he quickly commanded his navy to defeat the Russian navy, destroy defenses by Enterprise Aircraft Carriers and prepare to land the Voyagers full of infantry. But the other commander did not idle. He sent the Stallion Transports carrying Engineers, ready to launch a surprise attack on the naval base. While commanding the Navy's commander to continue destroying the nearby navy, he secretly let the Stallion sneak into the base, releasing Engineers to capture several Tesla Reactors to interrupt the power of the enemy base. At the same time, another commander also released the Engineer to capture the Construction Yard here because he had not been able to build buildings before. After the enemy naval base fell, they sent a Dreadnought, but the commander who commanding navy also got a Trident Battleship.

After both commanders had complete bases, they were ready to launch a final raid on the enemy on the west side. They built Ore Refineries to collect resources on this side and to pursue the nearby enemies. The enemy commander had no choice but to let the whole army attack desperately although he was quickly suppressed then. After confirming the safety, the two commanders found a Tech Base Expansion Post not far away and captured it, where another Ore Refinery was built.

Liberate Glyfada

Despite the recapture of the opposite port, the city region still needed to be liberated, not to mention where there was another Russian base. And taking the opposite port also gave the possibility of the two attacking from that side.

The commander with the War Factory decided to continue his sneak attack. He repeated the use of Stallions to capture several Tesla Reactors to cut off the power of the base, and trained more Engineers by the captured Barracks. He captured almost all the buildings without destroying the line in front of the base, the attack to the base also succeeded.

The inner commander finally got the right to build the Naval Shipyard and trained his navy to sink another Dreadnought that was discharged into the battlefield. The enemy commander once again desperately commanded his forces to launch a major charge, but he failed again.

In the end, the two simply cleaned up the battlefield, eliminated the remnants, and liberated Glyfada.


Athens temporarily gained security and this operation delayed Russia's invasion of Europe temporarily. At this point, the command center learned that one of the US bases in North Africa had lost contact with the headquarters, the American expeditionary forces who had just arrived Europe decided to send two scout squads to contact with their mates there.

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 40000
  • 3 money crates will appear on the map.


  • Starting credits: 30000


Easter egg


Send Navy SEAL to a swimming pool located at top border of map can get two money crates.


  • The mission's name is based on Personal War, a mission from the Counterstrike expansion of the first Red Alert. Both missions involves General Nikos Stavros and take place in Greece.