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The Hyperion is an anti-air defense structure exclusive to Pacific Front.

Official description

The Hyperion is Pacific Front's exclusive advanced principle anti-aircraft defense, which can quickly deal heavy damage to enemy aircraft of all sorts, with its powerful thermal inversion cannon. However, due to its features of fast response, powerful continuous fire and long attack range, the Hyperion is very resource-heavy to maintain. Thus, only two such devices can be present at once on the battlefield.[1]


The Hyperion is the advanced anti-air defensive structure intended to deal with aerial targets where the Patriot Missiles would be deemed as an inadequate counter against possible airborne threats. Armed with a Thermal Inversion Cannon capable of throwing out heavy damage at a blisteringly fast fire rate, it is almost absolutely guaranteed that any air unit that comes within the sight and range of the Hyperion will be destroyed. Even heavier aircraft such as Kirov Airships will eventually fall under the icy onslaught of one, and the lack of delay between their attacks allows them to effectively neutralize most long-ranged siege attacks that rely heavily on projectiles vulnerable to anti-air (such as the Kuznetsov Dreadnought's missiles).

While a powerful anti-air asset for the Pacific Front, the Hyperion is not a permanent replacement for the Patriot Missile sites. Only two of such buildings can be present in any battlefield for a PF commander, and they also have quite a heavy price tag and power demand. They also have a larger construction footprint in contrast to the Patriot Missiles, which can hamper their deployment in areas that cannot accommodate larger buildings.

Because of its deployment limit of two per battlefield, it is wise to deploy them in areas where one would expect airstrikes to come from the most. It presence can also act as a psychological weapon to hostile commanders/generals/proselytes that rely heavily on an air force or siege tactics, as they will have to find an alternate route around Hyperions to prevent heavy losses/wasted attacks.

AI behavior

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Hyperions. Easy AI will build a maximum of 1 Hyperion, while Medium and Hard AI will build a maximum of 2.


Prepare an absolute anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense line using the Hyperions.
—Allied intel during Operation: Stormbringer

Act Two


  • Notably, the restricted Pacific Front forces does not have access to Hyperion until in The Remnant, where the Pacific Front becomes reunited.

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the Pacific Front uses Skyray Cannon as their advanced anti-air defense, which is the predecessor of the Hyperion.

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