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The Huntress is a combat support infantry of the Foehn Revolt. Armed with a nanoid gun, they can turn their enemies into nanoclouds that allows other Foehn infantry to recover themselves through the "materials" from what's left of anyone gruesomely consumed by the nanites. They can also take control of enemy vehicles akin to that of a Hijacker.

Huntresses can be transformed into Deviatresses through a Nanofiber Sync.

Official description

The development of Foehn's unique technologies has resulted in the creation of unorthodox strategies and combat techniques, which have not been seen utilized in battle by any of the other factions before. One excellent example of this is the Huntress, who thanks to advanced weaponized nanotechnology, becomes a one-of-a-kind combat healer on the field.

The Huntress is armed with a small launcher-like gun, the major part of which consists of a rotating container. Inside of it moves a mass of nanites, which the Huntress can control and move around to a certain extent after they are released. These battle-ready nanomachines will aim for enemy infantry and tear them to pieces. Whatever reuseable materials are found in the killed trooper's suit or weapon will be picked up by the nanomachines, which will then form a cloud. The Foehn troops can enter such a cloud in order to regenerate, using the materials harvested by the nanites.

While the Huntress cannot damage vehicles directly, she can release her nanites directly into an enemy vehicle at close ranges, in order to eliminate its crew and then capture the vehicle for herself. Additionally, the Huntress.. hunts - with her advanced equipment, she will be able to see through any stealth camouflage or disguise of enemy agents, and eliminate them effortlessly if required.[1]


Another shining example of the Foehn Revolt's mastery of weaponized nanotechnology, the aptly-named Huntress acts as their advanced infantry unit that specializes in hunting down other foot soldiers and vehicles alike. While the Knightframe is suited for gunning down infantry but does little against armored units and the Lancer neutralizes vehicles easily but is a poor match against infantry in general, the Huntress possess both the strengths of her aforementioned peers but also finds the means to compensate for their weaknesses to an extent.

The Huntress carries a Nanite Container Gun designed to fire clouds of nanites at hostile infantry targets. By default, she can only do so against other foot soldiers but the damage dealt to them surpasses that of other anti-infantry specialists at her tier (Navy SEALs, Pyros, Duneriders) - a single hit from the nanite cloud can dissolve lesser-protected infantry units instantly, while heavier ones will falter in around two to four direct hits. Any victims killed by the Huntress's nanites will generate a short-lived nanocloud field that will replenish the health of any allied Foehn infantry in it. Though the Huntress cannot actually attack vehicles with her primary weapon, she has a nasty surprise for vehicle operators that think she is defenseless against them. Should a Huntress get within melee range of a vehicle that is vulnerable to hijacking, she will clear out the crew within using her nanite gun and seize the vehicle for herself. Vehicles such as artillery units and monster tanks lacking in anti-infantry capabilities are especially recommended targets for hijackings, so Foehn commanders should never turn down the opportunity to bolster their forces in this manner if the opportunity presents itself.

Huntresses also act as the primary disguise and stealth detector for Foehn infantry and vehicle battalions, meaning enemy infiltrators cannot fool her with their disguises, nor can any cloaked threat that may venture too close to her. Since the Foehn Revolt as a whole lacks a mobile stealth detector barring their hero units (as the SODAR Array, while having a superior detection range must be deployed and remain immobile to sense out hidden threats), she is an indispensable asset for their forces especially if they are facing Epsilon Army subfactions.

While the Huntress fulfills somewhat of a middle ground for Knightframes and Lancers, she does not eliminate all their flaws as she comes with her own weaknesses. She is somewhat expensive for an infantry unit, meaning she is not meant to be expendable. Though her nanites are deadly against infantry units and she can instantly neutralize manned vehicles, they are completely useless against buildings and she cannot fire them at aircraft. Despite being an infantry specialist, she is just as frail in the face of anti-infantry firepower not to mention she is nowhere near as durable as a Knightframe or Lancer. Last but not least, she is not as durable nor immune to the teeth and claws of Attack Dogs and Spooks unlike her previously mentioned peers.

AI behavior

Huntresses controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 3x guarding Shrike Nests or Railgun Towers
  • 4x targeting infantry


  • 1x loaded inside a Jackal Racer, then proceed to target infantry
    • This task force may be accompanied by 1 additional Jackal Racer with the same passenger
  • 2x targeting infantry, accompanied by 4 Knightframes and 2 Clairvoyants
  • Bast.png 2x targeting infantry, accompanied by 4 Knightframes and 2 Giantsbanes
  • 2x targeting anything, accompanied by 4 Knightframes, 4 Lancers and 2 Clairvoyants
    • The AI will use Nanofiber Sync on this task force first
    • If available, Rage, Kinetic Barrier, and Regen/Wonder Drugs may also be applied
  • 3x targeting infantry
    • This task force may be accompanied by 3 additional Huntresses
  • 4x targeting infantry, accompanied by 4 Clairvoyants
    • The AI may use Nanofiber Sync on this task force, and will proceed to attack everything rather than infantry only
    • If available, Rage, Kinetic Barrier, and Regen/Wonder Drugs may also be applied after Nanofiber Sync
  • 4x targeting infantry, accompanied by 2 Zorbtrotters or Giantsbanes
  • 4x hijacking vehicles
  • 4x guarding Foehn Barracks, Foehn Ore Refinery and Foehn War Factory, accompanied by 2 Clairvoyants
  • 4x guarding Windtrap, Foehn Ore Refinery and Foehn War Factory, accompanied by 2 Clairvoyants



  • The first Huntress appears at the beginning of Kill the Messenger, exiting a Jackal Racer to hijack a Chinese Mobile Construction Vehicle for the Foehn Revolt. Huntresses are not yet trainable in this mission. From this mission, it can be inferred that the Huntress is the first Foehn unit that employs nanomachines offensively (though only used to hijack the MCV).
  • An elite Huntress, persumably the same as the one in Kill the Messenger, is seen alongside Yunru in Vanishing Point, The Remnant and the Special Op mission Time Capsule, but not participated in actual battle.


  • Effective against infantry.
  • Weapon deals heavy single target damage to enemy infantry.
  • Killed units create nanoclouds which can rapidly heal friendly infantry.
  • Decent movement speed and attack range.
  • Can hijack vehicles.
  • Detects stealth and disguised enemies.
  • Expensive ($800).
  • Cannot attack structures and air units.
  • Weak against anti-infantry weapons.
  • Vulnerable to Dogs and Spooks.


The Huntress' unique insignia

  • The Huntress is visually based off the Zone Raider from Kane's Wrath.
  • As the only hijacker unit that is combat-capable, the Huntress uses an unique promotion insignia.

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