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The Huntress is a combat support infantry of the Foehn Revolt. Armed with a nanoid gun, they can turn their enemies into nanoclouds that allows other Foehn infantry to recover themselves through the "materials" from what's left of anyone gruesomely consumed by the nanites. They can also take control of enemy vehicles akin to that of a Hijacker.

Huntresses can be transformed into Deviatresses through a Nanofiber Sync.

Official description

The development of Foehn's unique technologies has resulted in the creation of unorthodox strategies and combat techniques, which have not been seen employed in battle by the other factions before.

A good example of this is the Huntress, who thanks to advanced weaponized nanotechnology, basically becomes a combat healer on the field. Huntress is armed with a small launcher-like gun, the part of which consists of a simple-looking container. Inside that container hides a mass of nanites, which the Huntress can control and move around to a certain extent after they've been catapulted. These nanomachines will aim for enemy infantry and blow them to pieces. Whatever reuseable materials are found in the killed trooper's suit or weapon will be picked up by the nanomachines, which will create a cloud which Foehn troops can enter in order to regenerate temporarily.

While the Huntress cannot damage vehicles directly, she can release her nanites into an enemy vehicle at close ranges in order to clear it from any crew and then take over the vehicle for herself.[1]




  • The first Huntress appears at the beginning of Kill the Messenger, exiting a Jackal Racer to hijack a Chinese Mobile Construction Vehicle for the Foehn Revolt. Huntresses are not yet trainable in this mission. From this mission, it can be inferred that the Huntress is the first Foehn unit that employs nanomachines offensively (though only used to hijack the MCV).


  • Effective against infantry.
  • Weapon deals heavy single target damage to enemy infantry.
  • Killed units create nanoclouds which can rapidly heal friendly infantry.
  • Decent movement speed and attack range.
  • Can hijack vehicles.
  • Expensive ($900).
  • Cannot attack structures and air units.
  • Weak against anti-infantry weapons.
  • Vulnerable to Dogs and Spooks.


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