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The Hunter-Seeker is a support power used by the Pacific Front from their Robot Ops Control Center. It releases the namesake kamikaze drone which seeks a high-priority target and purposely crashes itself onto it, causing high damage, and also releasing a cryo payload in a large radius around the target area to deal as much damage as possible to nearby enemies. If the Hunter Seeker targets a unit with less than 200 health, it will immediately kill it but it will not detonate, instead it will move on to find another target.[1] This happens frequently when it initially targets an infantry unit.

While the Hunter Seeker travels to its target, it will fire lasers at nearby enemy units. The Hunter-Seeker drones are also unaffected by the Blasticade.

An interesting quirk to note is that each Allied War Factory present on the battlefield will release a Hunter-Seeker drone upon activation; the maximum limit of Hunter-Seeker drones that can be released at a time is five. This significantly improves the support power's potency – provided the commander is able to afford the additional cost and power to build and maintain the additional War Factories.

AI behavior

Automatically used by the AI once Hunter-Seeker is off cooldown.


Due to the ability of the Hunter-Seeker to automatically track targets that shouldn't be targeted in missions, and the fact that it is not affected by the targets' immunity, the Hunter-Seeker never appears in the campaign.


  • In the Regenbogen Challenge, Hunter-Seeker drones will head for the players' bases in massive numbers when the battlefield turns to yellow light. Every 3 minutes, at most 10 drones will be spawned by each enemy, one per Power Plant. If an enemy base is low on power, its respective drones won't be spawned.

Behind the scenes

  • During development for 3.3, there was originally a planned support power named "Tengu Strike" which is a quick anti-armor drone strike[2]. The current Hunter-Seeker support power may have succeeded it.


  • The support power resembles the Hunter-Seeker from Tiberian Sun, but the latter can only release one drone at a time, and has much more destructive power (in fact, the Tiberian Sun version is able to destroy even a Construction Yard in one explosion while Pacific Front's Hunter Seekers can only damage buildings moderately.)
  • The Hunter-Seeker Drones bear resemblance to the Burst Drones fielded by the Empire of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3.
    • In addition, the internal name for the weapons are called "Sunburst" (SunburstBomb and SunburstLaser), which is a reference to the Sunburst drones from the Final Squadron protocol which is also owned by the Empire of the Rising Sun.


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