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Reporting for duty.
—A Humvee driver ready for action

The Humvee is an airborne light vehicle used by the United States used to perform anti-infantry and reconnaissance roles, as well as to transport infantry.

Official description

The Humvee is a light and agile vehicle capable of transporting infantry across the battlefield and is well suited for removing infantry threats with relative ease. While it used to be the premier anti-infantry vehicle for the United States and a significant improvement over the old Ranger, ever since it has been superseded by the Robot Tank it is solely seen in combat as part of "Bloodhounds" airdrops.[1]


The Humvee is very decent against most infantry. It can also transport up to 2 infantry. Combined with its fast movement speed, the Humvee is suitable for troop carrying purposes. However, due to its light armor, it is extremely fragile and can be easily killed by anti-armor infantry or heavier tanks.

In skirmishes, the US commander may deploy Humvees through the Bloodhounds airdrop. Together with Airborne, Humvees serve as great raiding vehicles in paradrop tactics to rapidly reinforce a region or surprise unsuspecting enemies.


Act One

  • During the Act One campaign, since the Robot Tank hasn't existed yet, the Humvee serves as the tier 1 anti-infantry unit for all subfactions of the Allied Nations. It first appears in Red Dawn Rising as a buildable unit.

Act Two

  • Since Puppet Master, Humvees are replaced as a buildable unit by Robot Tanks and from that point onwards they're only available as part of a Bloodhounds drop.
  • In Paranoia, Tanya and Norio are chronoshifted to the Amazon Forest within a Humvee.

Special Ops

  • In Fullmetal, Spies will be chronoshifted into battlefield within Humvees. These Humvees will be given to player control on Casual difficulty.


  • Effective against infantry.
  • Can transport infantry.
  • Very fast moving.
  • Lightly armored.
  • Fragile, easy to kill with anti-armor weapons.
  • Ineffective against armored units and structures.
  • Only available to United States and limited through the Bloodhounds support power.

Behind the scenes

The Humvee's voxel (Marine variant) is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.


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