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The forces of Latin Confederation managed to keep a site of Cloning Vats intact and working. To prove how powerless they are without Yuri's scientific aid, PsiCorps intends to take the Vats back and put the next stage of their genetic technology to practical use.
—Mission description

Operation: Huehuecoyotl is the second Epsilon Act Two campaign mission.


Yuri's Message: "And so they begin to fall like dominos. With the fool Romanov and their High Command finally gone for good, the entirety of the Soviet army has begun scrambling to reinforce their positions, and has undertaken massive redeployment operations around the world. Their hold of the continents was always weak, so it is of no concern. The Comintern is too divided to keep even one state or country out of our hands for long. Yes, nothing will stop their eventual demise. However, there is an element in play that you must deal with.

After their invasion of Western Europe, the Latin Confederation set up bases in Spain, and now that Moscow has fallen they seem to be preparing a power play of their own to assume control of the Western European theater. They hope to achieve such lofty goals with the use of their.. our cloning facilities in Zaragoza. Hacking into the Soviet technology database was not enough it seems, we must remove the last vestige of my creations from their arsenal by force. Taking back control of the cloning facility is just the first step, though. The Infiltrators that we are sending in carry my latest advancements in genetic manipulation tech, researched on the physically capable prisoners of Alcatraz Island: vials with the Terranova Virus. That's where I need you now, Proselyte. Get one of our agents into the facility, and you will witness firsthand what the Terranova Virus is capable of doing to a physically fit human. Soon, we will have more than enough at our disposal. Take back what is ours and leave none alive."

Objective 1: Infiltrate the Cloning Vats to infect it with a genevirus.
Objective 2: Defend the Cloning Vats and crush the Soviet production.
Objective 3: Follow any further instructions.


Sneaking in

Using a Prison Truck, the Infiltrator, and several GI's were led into a makeshift prison camp for the time being until further notice. The Infiltrator was disguised as a GI in order to be purposely captured by the Soviet troops. Once the guards walked back to their posts, the agent made his move and disguised himself as a Soviet soldier. Making his way out of the camp, he headed towards the Cloning Vats. After making his way through the city past through Soviet patrols, notably consisting of Attack Dogs and Terror Drones, he entered the base and infiltrated the Cloning Vats.

Terranova activated

Once inside the Cloning Vats, the Infiltrator proceeded with his mission by inserting a genevirus into the vats. Shortly afterwards, the vats suddenly went haywire and continuously created hulking, mutated humans who aggressively attacked the Confederate soldiers and installations in their sight, causing chaos on the base and forcing a nearby Construction Yard to quickly unpack into an MCV and flee the scene as the Confederation forces there are overwhelmed. Many structures were destroyed by the seemingly endless horde of the mutants' relentless attacks.

Using the chaos as a distraction, the Infiltrator also inserted the 'Terranova' genevirus into one of the sabotaged vats. Shortly afterwards, it creates a superhuman christened as "Rahn", armed with a unique beam weapon capable of mutating unfortunate soldiers struck by it into the hulking mutants, then known to Epsilon as Brutes.


After destroying the base, the Brutes began their indiscriminate rampage throughout the city. Civilians fell into a state of total panic as they saw those monstrosities, and they were not spared also as Rahn unleashed his Terranova beam on them, further bolstering the numbers of Brutes that were already tearing through everything in their path. Amid the chaos, the Latin forces guarding the prison decided to kill all Allied PoWs.

The Latins continue to make a desperate struggle against them, having retreated their MCV and established a base on the northeastern outskirts of the city. Nevertheless, the sheer number of the Brutes was too much for them and by the time aerial support arrived, the Latin base was destroyed. A squad of Archers had managed to arrive in the vicinity of the Cloning Vats site and quickly dealt with the Vultures before they dealt any significant casualties.

Mopping up

After utterly annihilating the defences at the Main HQ of the Latin Confederation, Rahn evacuated the area via a captured Stallion Transport. The Brutes continued their merciless assault on any Soviet stragglers in the vicinity of the base.


The addition of Rahn to our arsenal gives us the edge we need over the crippled Soviet forces in Europe. While there are still bases which fight back, the chances of them succeeding are falling with each minute. None shall stand in our way to domination.
—Yuri's Message

The success on obliterating the Confederation in Spain pleases Yuri. Rahn will give the Epsilon the edge they need to bring down the already weakened Soviet forces in Europe. While the Soviets still maintained a strong presence in Europe, Yuri assures that the Soviets' chances of success are dropping with each minute, and they won't stand in the Epsilon's way for much longer.

The site in Zaragoza was soon later transformed into a toxic wasteland that became an important experimentation site for Epsilon's insidious creations, such as Bloaticks and Infectors. Nevertheless, it was later razed to the ground by two Soviet Colonels on a daring operation.

Later, Russia strikes back by sabotaging a Psychic Beacon that controls them and captures a PsiCorps research center that is currently developing a mind-controlling tank. The facility is to be recaptured with one of the prototypes.

Difficulty changes


  • 2 Infiltrators will be provided.
  • The speed of spawning Brutes is the fastest in this difficulty, while the time before the Soviets begin producing units is the slowest.
  • The number of enemy patrols and paratroopers are the least in this difficulty.
  • The intensity of Soviet large-scale counterattack after Rahn is born for a while is the weakest in this difficulty.
  • A heal crate is stationed at the bottom of the map, and a map reveal crate is stationed near the Field Bureau at the top right corner.


  • 2 Infiltrators will be provided.


  • Only 1 Infiltrator will be provided.
  • The speed of spawning Brutes is the slowest in this difficulty, while the time before the Soviets begin producing units is the fastest.
  • The number of enemy patrols and paratroopers are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • The intensity of Soviet large-scale counterattack after Rahn is born for a while is the strongest in this difficulty.
  • No warning when passing by a Borillo and a Terror Drone at the bottom of the map, and the nearby sight won't be revealed either.
  • When the Infiltrator is approaching the gate of the prison, Attack Dogs nearby will suddenly start moving.

Easter egg


To the left of where the evacuation site for Rahn is located, there is a hidden path blocked by Destructible Rocks. Inside this secret area are two crates: one veterancy crate and one full map reveal crate.