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The Hovracoon is a Haihead support vehicle that replaces the Foehn's standard Raccoon, with not only ECM jamming systems but also amphibious and wind-boosting capacity.

Official description

The Haihead forces need additional versatility to be able to fight in the most demanding of environments, which results in them having to adapt to all types of terrain whenever possible. Relying heavily on the advanced signal interference technologies, Haihead's strike teams quickly found the standard Raccoon difficult to utilize and underperforming in regions filled with isles, swamps and other obstacles.

To enhance their active support capabilities, they have prepared a new variant of the unit, customized for all-terrain operations. This heavily modified version, codenamed Hovracoon, has acquired the capability to cross rivers and other difficult areas, and even the compatibility with Spinblades for speed boosts, while retaining all the functions and features of a standard Raccoon.[1]




  • The Hovracoon was originally called the Hovercoon during development.

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