Mental Omega uses the same default keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys as Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. These can be changed by the player according to their preferences.


Shift + S


Esc Key

Options menu

Ctrl + F1-F4 Keys

Set a Bookmark

F1-F4 Keys

Go to Bookmark

Base control

H Key

Center tactical map on Primary ConYard

Space Bar

Jump to most recent alert.

Q Key

Structure tab (Can also be used for building placement without clicking on its icon)

W Key

Armory tab (Can also be used for building placement without clicking on its icon)

E Key

Infantry tab

R Key

Vehicle/Aircraft/Naval tab

K Key

Repair mode

L Key

Sell mode

Shift + Left Click

Add multiple build orders

Shift + Right Click

Remove multiple build

Selecting Units

Ctrl + 1-9 Keys

Create control group/team

1-9 Keys

Select control group

Shift + Mouse Left Click (on unit)

Select or deselect unit (useful for adding units into an already selected group)

N Key

Previous unit

M Key

Next unit

P Key

Select all combatants

Y Key

Cycle through elites

U Key

Cycle through health

Units - Moving and Attacking

T Key

Select all units of the selected type currently on-screen. Press again for global selection of selected units.

S Key


D Key

Deploy item or unit

F Key


G Key

Guard area

Shift + Ctrl + Move Command (Mouse1)

Attack move (everything except for enemy buildings but including enemy defenses)

Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Left Click (on unit, area or structure)

Guard or escort unit; guard area once arrived (also forces repair vehicles into active mode)

Ctrl Key + Mouse Left Click

Force fire

Alt Key + Mouse Left Click

Force move. Commonly used to crush infantry with your tanks

X Key


Z Key (hold)

Waypoint mode

Z + Ctrl + Shift

Your waypointed unit will engage enemy units they run into; if they kill any enemies they meet, they will proceed to their next waypoint

C Key




Multiplayer taunts

\ Key

Chat to all players


Chat to all allies

Tab Key

Diplomacy/Kills/Active Players screen

Enter Key

Chat to all listeners

A Key

Ally with chosen side

B Key

Beacon placement. Basically works as a ping in MP

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