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—Horizon Destroyer

The Horizon-class destroyer, known in-game as Horizon Destroyer, is the primary vessel of the Allied navy, armed with a cannon to attack other ships and ground targets, and an Osprey to attack enemy submarines.

Official description

The Horizon Destroyer is the workhorse of the Allied Navy, capable of engaging enemy ships and shore installations with its powerful 155mm cannon. What makes the Horizon unique though, is the Osprey mounted on its back, equipped with multiple depth charges. This, in combination with the advanced sonar systems equipped within the ship, makes the Horizon Destroyer a versatile submarine hunter as well, especially when assisted by Navy SEALs or a Sonar Pulse from the Shipyard.[1]


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The Horizon Destroyer is the Allied main naval ship and the vanguard of any Allied armada. Their decent armor and firepower makes them ideal for all kinds of naval engagements. The 155mm cannon that these naval vessels carry allow them to fire at hostile naval units and bombard nearby ground targets from a respectable distance and if micromanaged properly, ground-based threats will often be unable to fire back in retaliation. Horizon Destroyers are equipped with an advanced sonar system which allows them to detect submarines and other cloaked units. It is also equipped with a V-22 Osprey which allow them to drop depth charge to sink any submarine it can find. This makes it an all-round unit that an Allied fleet should always have, especially if submerged threats are going to be a prevailing factor throughout the battle.

The Horizon Destroyer can work in conjunction with other stealth-detecting units such as Robot Tanks and Dolphins to enhance its submarine-hunting duties more efficiently. The V-22 Osprey it carries has a large operational range (on par with an Enterprise Aircraft Carrier's Hornet UAVs) but since the Horizon Destroyer's detection range is far smaller, it will often have to close within engagement distances with submerged units to detect and launch their anti-submarine aircraft. However, if a stealth detector reveals a submerged quarry and there is a nearby Horizon, the latter can initiate an air strike on the undersea target. Since the two aforementioned stealth detection units are far more nimble, they can dodge torpedoes far easier than the Horizon itself.

However, they are vulnerable to air units as they do not have any means to engage aircraft. While they can attack submarines, their Osprey can be shot down by hostile anti-air, rendering them useless until a new one is replenished which takes a considerable amount of time. The Osprey needs to reload after each attack run as well.

AI behavior

Horizons controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting everything
  • 4x targeting everything
    • If available, Invulnerability, Rage, Irradiation Beta/Gamma and Shadow Ring may be applied on this strike force


  • 2x targeting everything, accompanied by 2 Dolphins
  • 2x targeting everything, accompanied by 1 Trident Battleship and 1 Enterprise Aircraft Carrier
  • 2x guarding friendly base, accompanied by 2 Dolphins and 1 Aegis Cruiser


Act One

  • The Horizon Destroyer makes its debut in Bleed Red as enemy Allied unit.
  • The Horizon Destroyer becomes buildable in Heaven and Hell.


  • Cannon is effective against ships, ground units and buildings.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Can attack submerged units with Osprey from a long range.
  • Decent speed, which can be helpful when evading torpedoes fired from Typhoon Attack Subs and Nautilus Magnetic Subs.
  • Defenseless against aircraft.
  • Ospreys are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • It takes time for Ospreys to return on the ship and reload.


  • The Horizon Destroyer can use both its cannon and the Osprey at once if micro-managed properly.
  • The Horizon Destroyer is capable of firing on the move, but only when its bow is pointing towards a viable target.
  • The Horizon Destroyer’s main attack and fragment may explode at the same unit, dealing some extra damage to it.

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