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The Hindblade Heavy Helicopter (called Hindblade Gunship in-game) is an unused aircraft from the game files. It was designed to be the Soviet to Soviet stolen tech unit during the development of version 3.3.0 until the Apocalypse Tank took its place.

The Hindblade has no voiceset nor helicopter noises, but its weapons are completely functional. Both weapons can fire at the same time. It can be considered as an advanced version of the Vulture, though much slower.

Its main armaments are twin Gatling guns that function (and sound) identically to Epsilon Gatling weaponry. In fact, they also fire faster the longer it attacks.

Its secondary weapon is an area-of-effect fiery shockwave that is released at any nearby enemies. However, the Hindblade will also attack friendly units/buildings within the heatwave's range, possibly due to an error. The heatwave cannot be deployed at will and instead activate automatically. The heatwave drop of the Hindblade does not cause static fires to appear and is arguably more suited to offensive maneuvers than the Vulture's napalm drop.


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