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I swear, officer, I... oh, it's you!
- A Hijacker relieved after knowing no need to worry
Hijackers are daring individuals employed by the Scorpion Cell, whose primary role is to steal enemy vehicles. To do this, they can disguise themselves as almost any enemy infantry.

Official description

The Scorpion Cell is the Epsilon sub-faction that got the short end of the stick when it came to getting new, advanced technologies. This has lead to some soldiers being trained and specialized in the art of hot wiring empty vehicles and capturing manned enemy vehicles on the field in order to bolster the Cell's numbers. The Hijacker is capable of capturing almost any manned vehicle. In order to get close enough, he is able to disguise as enemy infantry as well. He is also skilled enough to avoid getting crushed. Combined with the Shadow Ring, he can become an unexpected game changer.[1]


The function of Hijacker is to steal enemy vehicles. Unlike the Morales' depiloting, even tier 3 vehicles can be hijacked by Hijackers. For Scorpion Cell, which lacks the anti-armor vehicles, is a make-up due to they can take the enemy's advanced vehicles as their own (although not applicable to epic units).

In addition, there is an advanced tactic about Hijacker: the proselytes can disguise them as other Epsilon infantry (such as Archer), then mix into their own infantry squad, and hijack enemy vehicles when another infantry is in battle.


Act One

  • Hijackers first appear at the beginning of Warranty Void, where six Hijackers are given to the player, with the purpose of hijacking the six Qilin Tanks in a motor pool nearby.

Act Two


  • Can disguise and steal unsuspecting enemy vehicles.
  • Decent movement speed.
  • Cannot be crushed by normal vehicles.
  • Great in stealing and neutralizing expensive monster tanks and artillery.
  • Combine with Shadow Ring support power to improve hijacking successes.

Behind the scenes


  • The Hijacker is conceptually similar to the GLA unit of the same name in Generals.
    • In 2.0 the Hijacker uses the GLA Hijacker's voiceset.

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