The High Command Heart Building is a skyscraper located in the outskirts of Moscow, Russia and an easter egg in the Epsilon mission The Conqueror.


When the High Command Heart Building is destroyed, a Wolfhound emerges from the rubble, causing the EVA to quickly tell the Proselyte to shoot it down before realising that it is not relevant to the game's plot.


  • The High Command Heart Building and the Wolfhound are references to the Red Alert 3 mission Crumble Kremlin Crumble. The Kremlin's Heart appears in that mission, where it must be destroyed by the player-controlled Empire forces, at which point a Twinblade helicopter will fly out, carrying Russian Premier Cherdenko and his prized Time Machine, before being shot down by Empire forces as well.
  • The High Command Heart Building is based on the Palace of the Soviets, a building that was supposed to be the center of the Soviet government but was never built.
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