The Heavy Kamaz is a heavier version of the Kamaz used by the Epsilon Army.


Unlike the normal Kamaz, Heavy Kamaz is currently only used by the Epsilon Army and is extremely rare to be seen. It is used for transporting bulk cargo such as main Barracuda component or nuclear materials, and quite slow, but it has the ability to crush infantry and even crush small vehicles. Heavy Kamaz's armor is also much stronger than the normal Kamaz, so that four Harriers are absolutely impossible to destroy a Heavy Kamaz (two Harriers are enough to destroy a normal Kamaz).


Act Two

  • In Stone Cold Crazy, the tenth and last piece of the Barracuda prototype is stored in a Heavy Kamaz instead of a normal Kamaz, which must be destroyed by the player's European Alliance forces.
  • In the Covert Ops mission Gridlock, Heavy Kamaz are used to transport fuel from the Nuclear Reactors to the Rocket Launchpad-turned-nuke. Destroying a Heavy Kamaz will lengthen the timer before the nuke could fire, while letting one reach its destination will shorten the timer.
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