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The Hazequad is a remote-controlled vehicle used by Epsilon Headquarters, which is basically a smaller and mobile version of the Chimera Core.

Official description

Wherever it's impossible to build a Chimera Core, the engineers of Epsilon Headquarters just take one of its heads, mount of on a small 4-wheeled buggy, add some navigation control mechanism and call it a Hazequad. Then they send those into the battle zone in order to have them deploy and start generating a psychic illusion field of a decent size, enough to turn HQ's units invisible and prepare an ambush. The Hazequad's presence does not get concealed though, so it will most likely become the first target of an enemy attack. It might be wise to deploy more than one at the designated position.[1]


The Hazequad can be used as a substitute for the Chimera Core defensively: the cheap cost, ability to relocate and lack of power and ground control requirement at the cost of smaller radius and weaker health allows these mobile stealth generators to be amassed in greater numbers as part of Headquarters' doctrine to shroud their forces.

Multiple Hazequads that are deployed to maximize their radius' effectiveness can also be used by a proselyte to hide their forces as they advance in the battlefield towards an undefended base or an unprepared strike force. It may also be used as a decoy against ground assault, airstrikes and support powers.

For all its strategic and utility value, it is completely helpless against any sort of hostilities as it does not carry any weapons of its own, and thus it should never be sent into the field unescorted.

AI behavior

The AI is able to build deployed Hazequads directly from an Epsilon Construction Yard. If built this way, Easy and Medium AI will only build a maximum of 1 deployed Hazequad, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 2.

Hazequads controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x deploying near friendly base
  • 1x deploying near Gatling Cannon


These Hazequads are agile robots, which can deploy into stealth generators.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Babel

Act Two

  • Hazequads debut in Withershins as enemy unit.
  • Hazequads become available to use in Stage II of Babel, and becomes buildable on Stage IV.


  • Can deploy to cloak surrounding friendly units.
  • Being a drone, immune to poison, radiation, mind control, hijacking.
  • Fast movement speed.
  • Inexpensive. ($800)
  • Does not require power.
  • Fragile.
  • Defenseless against any threats.
  • Cannot move when cloaking units.
  • Unable to cloak itself when deployed.
  • Only available in the later stages of the game, after the Geneplug Pandora Hub is built.