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The Harrier is the fighter jet used by the European Alliance. Its HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) missiles temporarily weaken the struck enemies' defense, exposing them to damage.

Official description

The Harrier is the primary fighter jet for the European forces and an effective tank buster. Built with mobility in mind, this jet makes use of modern Vertical Take-Off and Landing logic, allowing for runways to be considerably smaller and in turn allowing for the aircraft to be built and rearmed on the battlefield.

This lethal fighter is equipped with advanced High Explosive Anti-Tank missiles. When a missile hits an enemy, a large hole is blasted into the tank, exposing vulnerable systems for a short time. This allows another Harrier to follow up with another missile for increased damage, or allow other forces to finish it off.[1]


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Armed with High Explosive Anti-Tank missiles, the Harrier is capable of dealing precise blows to ground units, especially armored vehicles. Its missiles reduce the target's armor by 40% for a short time, making them more vulnerable to another strike. This allows them to eliminate armor battalions more effectively, and makes the Harrier arguably the best Tank hunter aircraft in the game.

On the contrary, Harrier is quite fragile and slower then their Allied companions, making them more difficult to micro. Although decent against vehicles, Harrier's specially designed HEAT weapon is ineffective against anything else.

In Skirmish the United States and Pacific Front can gain the ability to build Harriers by acquiring a Shield Command. Other factions require either an Air Force Command Headquarters or a Shield Command.

AI behavior

Harriers controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting vehicles or ore miners


  • 2x targeting vehicles
    • This task force may be accompanied by a Hummingbird


Use the Harrier to strike enemy tanks with precision. Its first hit can make their armor weak.
—Allied intel during Operation: Zero Signal

Act One

  • Harrier is introduced as a buildable unit in Zero Signal.


  • Able to accurately strike targets from above.
  • HEAT missiles are effective against armored vehicles.
  • Missiles decrease target armor for the next hit.
  • Can minimize AA damage if the commander micromanages well.
  • Very fragile.
  • Has to return to airbase for rearming frequently.
  • Mediocre against infantry.


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