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The Harbinger Tower is a support structure buildable from the Armory tab by Wings of Coronia whose sole purpose is to call in the Harbinger to bombard their enemies.

Official description

The Harbinger Tower allows the Wings of Coronia divisions to communicate with the Harbingers scattered around the major regions of the world. Once communication with a Harbinger has been established, it is possible to summon it to a certain location on the battlefield so that it can perform a powerful particle collider bombardment at the designated area.[1]


As its name suggests, the Harbinger Tower solely provides the following support power:

Support power Description
For a tremendous price of $3000, a Harbinger gunship is called forth to commence obliteration in a large area. It is armed with particle colliders that are able to vanquish anything within said radius, including friendly units. Unlike other support powers, the Harbinger's timer can be detected by the enemy akin to superweapons. This support power takes 9:00 to recharge.

Due to the tower's significant role of summoning Coronia's epic unit every 9 minutes, enemy forces are bound to target it first in an assault, or sabotage it with spies to delay the Harbinger's arrival. Therefore, a Coronian commander should not leave the tower defenseless, as a Harbinger can and will turn the tides when engaging the enemy.


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