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This is the end of your mind. I will seal your fate with my own hands.
—Yuri during Operation: Death's Hand

The Hands of Ereshkigal, also known as Death's Hands or simply Hands, are two aircraft used by Yuri's PsiCorps to defend Moscow.

As the name suggests, the Hands of Ereshkigal are shaped like hands and come in pairs (one "left hand" and one "right hand"), in addition to being protected by a barrier that renders them completely impervious to all forms of weaponry but are psychically linked to Yuri himself; if he dies, the Hands will cease functioning. The Hands are also armed with psionic bolts like that used by Wormqueens which can target aircraft, jumps to an additional target, and does not need to reload, making them a threat to virtually everything.


These Hands must be controlled by Yuri. Killing him is the only way to stop them.
They look strong. It's definitely what protected the Kremlin from the bombardment.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Death's Hand

Act Two

  • The Hands of Ereshkigal are referenced at the end of The Conqueror, where Yuri mentions about the start of their construction.
  • The Hands of Ereshkigal made their first and only appearance in Death's Hand, where both of them show up from the two Dybbuk Hives once either the player's main forces approach the outer perimeters of the Kremlin fortress, or if the mission drags on for too long. They will prioritize attacking the Stalingrad and Ural task forces and will more or less rout them before focusing their attention on the player (they will prioritize Mobile Construction Vehicles and Construction Yards first). Since the Hands are impervious to all forms of damage and the only way to disable them is to eliminate Yuri, the player needs to act as soon as possible after they appear. However, the player can infiltrate the Psionic Converters to disable their weaponry for a period of time.

Special Ops

  • The Hands of Ereskhigal are referenced at the end of Split Seconds, which foreshadows the Hands' use of hybrid (psionic) technology.


  • Ereshkigal is a goddess in Mesopotamian mythology that rules the underworld. Because of this, Ereshkigal is associated with death, hence the Hands' moniker "Death's Hand".
  • The Hands use the voiceset of the Drone Ship in Tiberium Wars.