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With the help of their Japanese allies in the Pacific Front, the Americans insert Special Agent Tanya near a base believed to be part of a uranium supply route for the Russians, in order to infiltrate and destroy the uranium enrichment complex on Sakhalin Island.
—Mission description

Operation: Hammer to Fall is the seventh Allied Act One campaign mission.


Our defense of the nation is winding down, there's just not much left we can do. We've been crippled, most of the major cities have been taken over. We barely exist; the American people, the military, and our nation's legacy, have been reduced to a shadow. Central leadership has collapsed - there is no more command & control. Our beloved President is dead. The Pentagon is now finally in Soviet hands. Our forces are scattered: some still resisting in country to little effect, others apparently fortifying at remote American bases beyond the mainland, in hopes of regrouping and striking back in the future. It is a valid notion - despite the disaster in Chicago, we must fight on, and the bases in Alaska or Hawaii might be difficult to break. Still, the MIDAS bombs the Soviets have utilized have caused our allies to cower in fear, and for that there will be little forgiveness, even if we win the war in the end.

All is not lost though. The Atlantic fleet is still operational, and has set sail for Europe. Tanya has also not given up the fight, for if it is the fear of MIDAS that stopped them from standing up, she resolved to take them out. Intelligence from the Pacific Front has pointed us to a facility that is the suspect core of the MIDAS Project - a combined mining, enrichment, and production facility, much like Dark Horseman from the Second Great War. The intel here will be invaluable, and even if there is none, taking it out will allow our friends to finally rise up.

Objective 1: Capture the old Soviet Airfield.
Objective 2: Infiltrate and destroy the Enrichment Facility.
Objective 3: Destroy all Soviet Magazines.
Objective 4: Keep Tanya alive.


Acquiring information on the region

Allied Intel advised capturing an old and abandoned Soviet Airfield in order to gather information on the region. Using a small force of GI's and a lone Engineer, the Commander proceeded to his objective, eliminating any Soviet troops in the way. The Engineer made his way into the building and captured it, completing their first objective.

Infiltrating and destroying the Enrichment Facility

Gathering what data they could, the Airfield was soon abandoned again now that it was useless to the Allies. Allied Intel pinpointed the location of an Enrichment Facility that contained the coordinates of several MIDAS warheads. With the info they needed, Tanya, several Spies and other units were paradropped into the area. The taskforce made their way across the Soviet base, cutting down any patrols they found. They even managed to recover a Stallion Transport that was captured by the Russians.

After major fighting, including several near misses from Wolfhounds and a firefight through the main Soviet defences that required a bit of strategy on the Commander's part, Tanya and her forces made their way to the Enrichment Facility, which was located on the other side of a river. After clearing out the defences and patrols, the Commander ordered one of his spies to enter the building in order to recover the information on the MIDAS warheads. Tanya destroyed it shortly afterward, completing their second objective.

Destroying the Magazines

Once they had acquired the information they needed, Allied Command ordered that the rest of the Magazines were to be destroyed, in order to cripple their ICBM production capabilities. The Commander ordered Tanya and her group to head back to several locations they passed and destroy the hangars, again, cutting down any patrols and blowing up any defenses they could detect.

It was a close call at several points, one of the Field Medics nearly got killed in action as more Soviet para-drops came into the area. Desolators were soon called in order to deal with Tanya (As their RAD cannons could effectively kill infantry in a few hits). Despite all the near misses he had, the Commander was able to pull through and destroy the Magazines, completing the third and final objective. After that, Tanya and all other Allied units were pulled out of the area before enemy reinforcements arrived.


The infiltration was a success! We have decoded intel brought back from the mission, which reveals the locations of several of Russia's ICBM platforms. We cannot miss this golden opportunity to cripple the Soviet's nuclear capabilities for good!
—Battlefield Report

With the completion of this mission, American morale rose through the ranks in the U.S. Thanks to the intel that had been decoded, the Russian MIDAS ICBM platforms had been located in the Gelendzhik region, just past the Crimean Peninsula.

With this information, the European Alliance agreed to send a strike force to the area in order to destroy the Topol-M's, which were all in one place, before they could launch their deadly payload.

Difficulty changes


  • Less enemy patrols will appear on the map.
  • Only 1 Wolfhound is stayed in the area. However, this is the same and only Wolfhound that will pursue Allied forces until they are killed.
  • No Attack Dog assault when spotted by Watch Towers, removed warning about it as well.
  • Removed 2 Conscripts when heading towards old airport.
  • No constant Tigr APCs and Desolators will be trained by enemy.
  • 2 level upgrade crates will appear at the starting point when objective 2 is given.
  • Extra 4 GIs will be given when objective 2 is announced.
  • 8 Flak Cannons, 13 Sentry Guns and 2 Tesla Coils will be removed.
  • 4 Tigr APCs, 3 Rhino Tanks and 5 Desolators will be removed.
  • Removed the area guard Attack Dog in the prison.
  • No hint about Tanya's mind control resistance (possibly a glitch).


  • 2 civilian buildings will be garrisoned by Conscripts.
  • An enemy paradrop consisting of 4 Tesla Troopers and 8 Conscripts will be sent to attack the player's forces.
  • Added 3 enemy paradrops guarding the Storage Hangars.
  • 1 level upgrade crate will appear at the starting point when objective 2 is given.
  • 6 Flak Cannons, 9 Sentry Guns and 1 Tesla Coil will be removed.


  • 3 healing crates will be removed.
  • 4 civilian buildings will be garrisoned by Conscripts.
  • 1 Attack Dog is added to attack when heading towards old airport.
  • An enemy paradrop consisting of 4 Tesla Troopers and 8 Conscripts will be sent to attack the player's forces.
  • Added 6 enemy paradrops guarding the Storage Hangars.

Easter egg

  • In the top right corner of the map, there is a total of 3 Cows behind fences. If the player manages to free them, they will receive a message that the cows are freed and that "the Cow Empire rises". These cows function as suicide units, and use the Demolition Truck scream as it's selecting and moving quotes, though lack attack quotes. In addition, they are not fired upon by the Soviets, can be transported in the Stallion, and one cow is able to destroy a Soviet Magazine.
    • A video explaining the Easter egg can be found [here].
  • A tough ice cream truck is located at top right corner of map. Destroy it will generate a map reveal crate.


  • This mission is a loose remake of Dark Night, the fifth Allied mission in Red Alert 2. Instead of infiltrating a Soviet Battle Lab & destroying the Nuclear Missile Silos, The Allies have to search for information on the whereabouts of the Russian Topol-M platforms and then destroy the Enrichment Facility to disrupt the uranium supply line.
  • The mission's title is likely a reference to the Queen song "Hammer to Fall".