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The Hammer Defense is a long-range defense structure used by the Soviets.

Official description

Hammer Defenses are massive structures developed to disrupt and destroy large amounts of enemies from a distance. A large column of steel pounds the ground, generating a wave of seismic activity. Through underground steering mechanisms, the wave is channeled and directed towards incoming enemies. To protect the building from its own weapon, the Hammer has a minimum range.[1]


The Hammer Defense has the farthest range out of any Soviet stationary defense, which allows it to destroy frail enemies (particularly Tier 1 vehicles) before they even reach the Soviet base or weaken more resilient ones for the rest of the other defenses to finish off the survivors. Also, its range is also enough for the Hammer Defense to engage most artilleries, which is another strength that other defenses lack. In addition, its splash damage punishes the strategy of grouping up forces too close to each other, which compensates for the single target nature of most Soviet defenses (especially the Tesla Coil) when paired up together. As long as the Hammer Defense is supported with such defenses to negate its minimum range flaw, a Soviet base will remain near impenetrable from vehicle and infantry hordes.

A minor difference that the Hammer Defense has from its equivalents is its lack of turret, which can make its targeting unpredictable to enemies if manually ordered by the Soviet commander.


The Chinese have shared the blueprints on their Hammer Defense system. These massive weapons will turn Yuri's lightly armoured tanks into debris instantly.
—Soviet intel during Operation: Juggernaut

Act One

Act Two

  • In Power Hunger, the destruction of Hammer Defenses and Dragonfly near the shore is the third objective of the mission, and it is unavailable for the player to build.

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