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This is it - the window of opportunity the Allies have been waiting for. Without the Paradox Engine the armies of the Allied Nations would not get this far, but it is up to the wits and skills of their commanders and soldiers to seize this chance and take Yuri's Tower down for good.
—Mission description

Operation: Hamartia is the twelfth and final Allied Act Two campaign mission.


The brilliant power of the Paradox Engine might have given us a false sense of confidence; we have clearly underestimated Yuri's foresight and technological prowess. The network of his Dybbuks is bigger than we anticipated and must be demolished at its core, and the last Mental Dynamo seems to be hidden under his Antarctic base. As we hold our positions around Yuri's Tower, Tanya and Siegfried will infiltrate the tunnels to find and eliminate these threats. Contact with them might be cut until they reemerge - the Tower has been disrupting our comms hard, even making it seem as if our other regiments were trying to contact us from the other side of the globe. Until its defenses are down and our connection with the others stabilizes somehow, we cannot make our coordinated move on the Epsilon's positions with the Time Freeze.

Commander, this moment is where it has all been leading to. When we prevailed over Stalin's Soviet Union, it was Einstein's Chronosphere that paved the way to victory - since then we have long believed control over time and space would render military conflicts obsolete and none would dare challenge our mission as the world's protector. Yuri has proven we've been naive all along, thinking it was the pinnacle of technology - a key to maintaining the peace long fought for, and did not account for unpredictable forces that could still emerge one day. It's why we are now in such a desperate situation, despite the continuous evolution of our science and the determination of our men. Years of peace have made us neglectful of the great dangers ahead, not only to the freedom of our nations, but of the entire globe; we have unfortunately failed to capitalize on the great victories of our past. Now is the time to amend our mistakes, Commander. You must destroy Yuri's Tower before it's activated, by any means necessary.


The underground adventure

As the battle for Yuri's Tower rages at the surface in full fervor, Tanya and Siegfried proceeded to infiltrate the complex network of caverns and tunnels, complete with its own railway and train systems beneath in their search for the last Mental Dynamo. Their arrival didn't go unnoticed though, as the few yet numerous Epsilon defenders, mainly composing of infantry units, met them with fierce retaliation. They were swiftly eliminated by the two commandos as they advanced forward, making sure to destroy any train stations so Epsilon would not be able to pursue them as easily.

Siegfried in particular was both amazed and horrified at how the Epsilon could construct such an underground fortress - the fact it could house thousands of Yuri's devoted followers gave him all the more reasons to quickly proceed with the mission, as it was just him and Tanya down there.

The Dybbuk launch facility at underground

The last Mental Dynamo was present in this very subterranean fortress just as Siegfried had initially suspected. Since Tanya was unable to get up close and use her C4s to demolish it due to a barrier surrounding it, it was duly taken care of with his Zeitgeist Cannon. Tanya also suggested that the hangar responsible for supplying the Dybbuk Hives should be terminated also, as it would ease some pressure off the Paradox Engine and its escorts. Following a path located a short distance just past where the Mental Dynamo once stood, the commando duo moved deeper into the bowels of this icy lair, meeting more Epsilon infantry resistance and a new threat: Cloning Vats that poured out endless amounts of zombie-like creatures. Though they were extremely fragile, the swarms they came in meant that the structures spawning these abominations had to destroyed. As Tanya killed these 'things' by the dozens, Siegfried took care of the Cloning Vats.

The underground hangar was eventually discovered at the deepest levels of the fortress, and Tanya immediately got to work by planting C4s. Siegfried had to fend for himself while his partner was busy, making sure he wasn't overwhelmed by more reinforcing infantry - especially against one armed with an EMP rod that could disable his Zeitgeist Craft. Just as Tanya was finished with her destructive handiwork, a Time Freeze was activated and everything in the immediate area were frozen in time, save for the two commandos - something that felt welcoming to Tanya, but not to Siegfried since the move was to be employed once the Dybbuk Hives network was fully destroyed and all Allied Forces were ready to converge upon the Tower itself. He suspected something must have forced the Allies to prematurely activate the Time Freeze, which prompted him the urgency to return to the surface at once.

Tanya detonated the C4s and neutralized the hangar, effectively declawing all Dybbuk Hives that the Epsilon had at their disposal. Taking a train nearby, the two immediately returned to the entrance with it to reunite the Allies in battle at the surface.

Change of plans

The Paradox Engine confronts Libra, Epsilon's heroine

While Tanya and Siegfried successfully left the cave Allies surrounded the Mental Omega Device and clearing the area for Paradox Engine to final strike on tower. Then Libra had arrived with her own Chrono Backpack gives her immunity to Time Freezing. Allies surprised by this fact and the fact that Paradox Engine was not fully charged decided to withdraw and regroup.

Recharging the Engine

The Paradox Engine landing at the Boomerang regiment's base for an emergency recharge

The Allies had taken positions around the device but they needed better protection from land and then decided to move their forces on the elevated area on the south of the map. Meanwhile, brainwashed Soviet forces arrived and attacked the Boomerang base where Paradox Engine had been recharged. Meanwhile Libra attacked the main base and forced the MCV to move to the Pocket Dimension.

Get to the isolated area

The Allies managed to clear the elevated area and moved all forces there to protect it while the Paradox Engine was recharged. The previous base was attacked by mind controlled Allies who took control of the base. While the engine was recharged, the enemy tried to destroy the engine with air units.

The last struggle

The Paradox Engine sets course to the Tower

After some time the Paradox Engine was finally fully recharged and was able to deploy a powerful timeshift, destroying surrounding Epsilon bases, while the Allied Commander focused on the final assault on the tower. They deployed last two MCV's as forward bases, and chronoshifted every units they had on the field. Unfortunately, the Paradox Engine Prism Cannons were offline and Libra appeared. The Allies then decided to get near the device and run the Time Circuit. They utilize Time Freeze and had moved closer to the device. Unfortunately Libra used a powerful psychic surge of lightning and managed to destroy the Paradox Engine. While the Engine was made inoperable, the Allied Commander and their crewmembers intend on using it to crash through the Mental Omega Device which they did.


Yuri's Tower has been dealt a crippling blow; whatever his plan was it won't come to fruition just yet. This time you bought us might be enough to turn things around, as it seems we have more allies. Commander, what you've done here today, the world will not forget.
—Battlefield report

Desperate times call for desperate measures

The Allied Commander sacrificed with the fallen Paradox Engine

Despite all the valiant efforts and unrelenting offensives thrown at the Epsilon, in the end, the Allied Forces couldn't succeed in destroying the Tower thanks to Yuri's gifted commander who was able to sabotage their efforts, although it is damaged enough that its activation was delayed for the time being. Tanya attempted to contact the Allied Commander but no one responded, only to realize that it is likely he perished during the kamikaze attack on the Tower itself.

Overwhelmed and surrounded, Siegfried decided to take a gamble and decided that Tanya and surviving Allied forces to retreat inside the damaged Paradox Engine using the old Chronosphere to warp it into Point Hope. Should it be a ruse by the Epsilon, Tanya must destroy the device. In order to ensure that the Paradox Engine would be safely warped away in the midst of Epsilon closing in rapidly, Siegfried utilized his Chrono Freeze to prolong the engine's survival. Unfortunately, this meant he would have to stay behind while Tanya and the few Allied survivors onboard made their escape.

With moments of the Paradox Engine being warped - Rahn quickly drops into crash site and kills the doctor while taunting his efforts as a "meaningless gesture", whereas the stranded Allied soldiers who couldn't retreat into the Paradox Engine were either finished off by the Epsilon forces or enslaved via mind control.

In his dying breath, Siegfried hopes that his Professor's theory is correct. Which may save what is left of humanity and the concept of free will.

The remnants of the Allied Expeditionary Forces managed to successfully chronoshift both themselves and the ruins of the Paradox Engine to Alaska, learning that the distress signals were indeed sent by the last free Americans and their new allies. With little options left, the leaders of this new alliance proposed a desperate strategy to save what's left of the free world and its people. However, the Epsilon eventually caught onto this and sent their massive armies to eliminate what was possibly the last line of defense against them and complete domination of the world under 'one mind'.

Difficulty changes




Easter eggs

  • In the first stage of the mission, on the right of the tunnel where the hangar lies, there is a row of three Hedgehogs. Destroy them, and new path will open, in which the wreckage of a Time Machine will be present, alongside two crates - one of Firepower and one of Armor.
  • In the third stage of the mission, damage the Mental Omega Device down to up to 70% of its maximum hit points and you get a single use Domination support power.
  • In the fourth stage of the mission, using the Paradox Engine's chrono reinforcements enough times will make them unusable, and you will instead get a single use support power to teleport a Barrel anywhere on the battlefield.


  • In tragedy literature, hamartia refers to a fatal mistake made by the protagonist(s) which results in a reversal of their fortune from good to bad. This refers to the Allies' decision to have the Paradox Engine crash into the Mental Omega Device, or how the Allies' over reliance on the Paradox Engine eventually led to their fateful downfall when they needed it the most (when the Prism Cannons were taken offline).
  • The underground portion of the mission is likely inspired by the first and third Yuriko campaign mission in Red Alert 3: Uprising. Similarities include being set in an underground facility, the player character being a hero unit (two hero units in the case of Hamartia), enemy reinforcements from elevators, and medical facilities being scattered throughout the facility.
  • This mission, along with Babel, are the only missions where the battles are synchronized with each other.
    • As a result, enemy attacks by the Epsilon Proselyte during the second phase of the mission attempt to mimic usual Epsilon player strategies, such as using mass Invaders as defense and using mass Basilisks to bypass the Allied defenses.
  • The music that plays over the epilogue is Bewitched by World Beyond Soundtracks.
  • The music plays when the Paradox Engine sets its course to the Mental Omega Device is It's Happening by World Beyond Soundtracks.