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This is it - the window of opportunity the Allies have been waiting for. Without the Paradox Engine the armies of the Allied Nations would not get this far, but it is up to the wits and skills of their commanders and soldiers to seize this chance and take Yuri's Tower down for good.
—Mission description

Operation: Hamartia is the twelfth and final Allied Act Two campaign mission.


The brilliant power of the Paradox Engine might have given us a false sense of confidence; we have clearly underestimated Yuri's foresight and technological prowess. The network of his Dybbuks is bigger than we anticipated and must be demolished at its core, and the last Mental Dynamo seems to be hidden under his Antarctic base. As we hold our positions around Yuri's Tower, Tanya and Siegfried will infiltrate the tunnels to find and eliminate these threats. Contact with them might be cut until they reemerge - the Tower has been disrupting our comms hard, even making it seem as if our other regiments were trying to contact us from the other side of the globe. Until its defenses are down and our connection with the others stabilizes somehow, we cannot make our coordinated move on the Epsilon's positions with the Time Freeze.

Commander, this moment is where it has all been leading to. When we prevailed over Stalin's Soviet Union, it was Einstein's Chronosphere that paved the way to victory - since then we have long believed control over time and space would render military conflicts obsolete and none would dare challenge our mission as the world's protector. Yuri has proven we've been naive all along, thinking it was the pinnacle of technology - a key to maintaining the peace long fought for, and did not account for unpredictable forces that could still emerge one day. It's why we are now in such a desperate situation, despite the continuous evolution of our science and the determination of our men. Years of peace have made us neglectful of the great dangers ahead, not only to the freedom of our nations, but of the entire globe; we have unfortunately failed to capitalize on the great victories of our past. Now is the time to amend our mistakes, Commander. You must destroy Yuri's Tower before it's activated, by any means necessary.


The Underground Adventure

As the battle for Yuri's Tower rages at the surface in full fervor, Tanya and Siegfried proceeded to infiltrate the complex network of caverns and tunnels, complete with its own railway and train systems beneath in their search for the last Mental Dynamo. Their arrival didn't go unnoticed though, as the few yet numerous Epsilon defenders, mainly composing of infantry units, met them with fierce retaliation. They were swiftly eliminated by the two commandos as they advanced forward, making sure to destroy any train stations so Epsilon would not be able to pursue them as easily.

Siegfried in particular was both amazed and horrified at how the Epsilon could construct such an underground fortress - the fact it could house thousands of Yuri's devoted followers gave him all the more reasons to quickly proceed with the mission, as it was just him and Tanya down there.

The Dybbuk launch facility at underground

The last Mental Dynamo was present in this very subterranean fortress just as Siegfried had initially suspected. Since Tanya was unable to get up close and use her C4s to demolish it due to a barrier surrounding it, it was duly taken care of with his Zeitgeist Cannon. Tanya also suggested that the hangar responsible for supplying the Dybbuk Hives should be terminated also, as it would ease some pressure off the Paradox Engine and its escorts. Following a path located a short distance just past where the Mental Dynamo once stood, the commando duo moved deeper into the bowels of this icy lair, meeting more Epsilon infantry resistance and a new threat: Cloning Vats that poured out endless amounts of zombie-like creatures. Though they were extremely fragile, the swarms they came in meant that the structures spawning these abominations had to destroyed. As Tanya killed these 'things' by the dozens, Siegfried took care of the Cloning Vats.

The underground hangar was eventually discovered at the deepest levels of the fortress, and Tanya immediately got to work by planting C4s. Siegfried had to fend for himself while his partner was busy, making sure he wasn't overwhelmed by more reinforcing infantry - especially against one armed with an EMP rod that could disable his Zeitgeist Craft. Just as Tanya was finished with her destructive handiwork, a Time Freeze was activated and everything in the immediate area were frozen in time, save for the two commandos - something that felt welcoming to Tanya, but not to Siegfried since the move was to be employed once the Dybbuk Hives network was fully destroyed and all Allied Forces were ready to converge upon the Tower itself. He suspected something must have forced the Allies to prematurely activate the Time Freeze, which prompted him the urgency to return to the surface at once.

Tanya detonated the C4s and neutralized the hangar, effectively declawing all Dybbuk Hives that the Epsilon had at their disposal. Taking a train nearby, the two immediately returned to the entrance with it to reunite the Allies in battle at the surface.

Change of Plans

What I feared has happened. She has a Chrono Backpack! The Time Freeze will have no effect on her as long as she has it!
—Siegfried when he notices Libra being unaffected by the Time Freeze

The Paradox Engine confronts Libra, Epsilon's heroine

Upon returning to the surface, Tanya and Siegfried discovered the Allies had eliminated the last line of defense around the Mental Omega Device. However, something was off - while the defensive perimeter that the Epsilon had established around the Tower were all eliminated, the monolithic structure still remained intact despite being no longer immune. While the two commandos tried to figure out what exactly was going on, Tanya noticed one of the psychic supersoldiers of Yuri's annihilating a Pacific Front armored detachment on her own despite the Time Freeze still in effect. Siegfried's nightmare scenario had become a reality: she carried a Chrono Backpack with her. He revealed the awful truth that the Allies' trump card will have no effect on her as long as she is in possession of it. Tanya then insisted on eliminating her first - in tandem with the Paradox Engine and its escorts, they delivered a two-pronged attack on the lone Epsilon commando.

We won't make it! Not with her there, and not without the Engine at full energy!
—Paradox Engine pilot upon witnessing Libra's raw potential

Much to the horror of the Paradox Engine's crew, Libra was able to effortlessly shoot down its escorts while taking little to no damage from the tremendous amounts of firepower delivered upon her. If that wasn't enough, the Time Freeze wore off at the worst possible moment and this gave the Epsilon the opportunity to quickly send in large groups of anti-air units from the north to intercept the Paradox Engine. Due to the airship not being fully recharged, it was unable to continue the assault and was forced to fall back or risk being shot down. Without support from their ultimate weapon, the rest of the Allies, including Tanya and Siegfried had to also hastily fall back when it was clear only the Paradox Engine had the potential to stop Libra.

The truth behind the preemptive usage of the Time Freeze was evident: the activation of Yuri's Tower was imminent before Tanya and Siegfried could eliminate its last defenses underground, forcing the Allies to use the Time Freeze but this also depleted all remaining energy for its weapon systems. The arrival of Libra and the Epsilon Headquarters reinforcements also destroyed a large portion of the European Southern Cross Army, forcing the latter to fall back while the Epsilon were able to establish their own strongholds over the ruined Allied bases. The Epsilon airbase located at the southeastern sector of the battlefield was also rapidly reestablished, undoing the Allies' work earlier.

The Allies themselves reinforced their positions in preparation for the new onslaught. While the Allies still had a strong presence in the area, it became evident that their underestimation of Yuri had just potentially cost them their entire campaign. However, they were still hopeful in the Paradox Engine's potential, as they know nothing can withstand the force of its impressive arsenal forever.

Recharging the Engine

The Paradox Engine landing at the Boomerang regiment's base for an emergency recharge

The Allies then proposed two plans to destroy the Mental Omega Device: the first was to recharge the Paradox Engine to maximum power, and the second was to initiate a deep charge of its Weather Controllers. By doing so for the latter, they could unleash a supercharged Lightning Storm on the Tower itself and finally destroy the accursed device. However, the charging sequence would take almost three times the length of preparing for a regular Lightning Storm, and the Paradox Engine would also take around the same time to do a full recharge of its systems. Preparing for the worst, the Allied Commander and his fellow commanders dug in, knowing that the Epsilon would throw everything at them before the Allies can ready themselves for another assault.

The main Epsilon division (which consisted of the elite Headquarters reinforcements that Rahn had brought with him) pushed towards the American base in the northwest, destroying the outer defense line established by the Southern Cross remnants before they attempted to push onto the plateau with a combined force of Scourges, Stalkers, Plague Splatters, Tyrants, Masterminds, and Colossi. The Allied Commander managed to hold his ground, using the elevated terrain to his advantage to quickly blunt the attacks with ease. Utilizing the full extent of the Allies' technologies, the Americans established an impenetrable defense line while drawing the main attention of the Epsilon HQ forces. The Paradox Engine was then diverted to the Boomerang Division's base before it landed and began the recharging sequence. With the Mental Dynamos no longer interfering with Allied communications, they were able to reassess the situation across the Antarctic continent and learned of two elements that further jeopardized their victory and survival:

The Epsilon reinforcements from the Southern Hemisphere are closing in on us. Our Antarctic outposts have been crushed by Yuri's supersoldiers. We're alone.
—Allied EVA to the Allied Commander

Allied intelligence then noted Yuri was now recalling both his loyalist and mind-controlled reinforcements from the Southern Hemisphere and were rapidly closing in with every passing second, while the other Antarctic bases that acted as rearguards and support for the forces in the vicinity of the Mental Omega Device were all destroyed by his psychic supersoldiers. It was only a matter of time before the last of the Allies would find themselves surrounded in all directions and with their hardware and troop numbers being limited enough as it was, the fight devolved into a desperate race against time to prepare their last chances of destroying the Mental Omega Device. The Allied EVA's warning became a dreadful reality for the Allies as the mind-controlled Soviets, consisting of a combination of brainwashed Russian and Latin Confederation forces, abruptly entered the battlefield from the southwest and began to destroy the Boomerang Division's base from the rear - including one of its Weather Controllers. Caught off-guard and trapped in a pincer strike between the enslaved Soviet puppets and the Epsilon Headquarters forces, the Pacific Front troops had no choices but to abandon their current positions from the rear, while Paradox Engine had to temporarily abort its recharging sequence to find a safer haven from the encroaching Soviets. While the Engine itself could maintain its flight systems indefinitely, its weapons could only remain only online for ten minutes before they had to power down again.

Commander! Our team was wiped out! That woman killed Norio!
—A Rocketeer from Norio's taskforce

Allied intelligence then pointed to the rebuilt Epsilon airbase and saw that it was inaccessible to ground offensives, and duly recommended the Allied Commander to clear that area out so the Paradox Engine would have a secure location to recharge its battery while only having to fear counterattacks from the air. Utilizing the Chronosphere onboard and Chrono reinforcements, they began their assault on the plateau and rapidly cleared out the Epsilon garrisons there as their other positions were swiftly overrun - this also meant the loss of their last Weather Controllers, meaning their Paradox Engine was now their final option of eradicating Yuri's Tower. More bad news came in when a small division of Rocketeers from Norio's taskforce arrived to report more awful news: Libra had killed the Japanese commando and systemically slaughtered his entire taskforce.

Commander! Our own forces are falling to Yuri's mind control en masse! More of their mind control tricks! We must abandon our current positions!
—Allied EVA, when Allied forces enslaved by the Epsilon arrive to assist their new masters

As the situation deteriorated rapidly for the Allies, Libra cloaked herself and spearheaded an attack on the main American base. The element of surprise on her side gave her the opportunity to take out their Construction Yard while eliminating a large number of their troops, vehicles, defenses, and builidings. Nevertheless, the Americans remained persistent and were able to drive her back into retreat (albeit temporarily) after sufficiently inflicting enough injuries to her. This victory only bought them temporary reprise as the mind-controlled Allies, enslaved throughout the war and surviving elements of their rearguards that fell to Epsilon's mind control tricks, attacked them from their unprotected rear. An emergency Chronolift was authorized in an effort to save as many crucial structures as possible when it became clear trying to fight off the sudden ambush was a lost cause. Much to the Allied Commander's dismay, he no longer had access to Lionheart Bomber support power either, as the support bases for them had been taken by the Epsilon.

- We will separate this area from the world, by overcharging the time circuits. She might run, but I think the Tower needs her to work. Others will find her.
- What others? You don't mean the distress signals? Those could be fake. It's true there was an Allied stronghold in Alaska, but what can they do?
- If at least the Tower is stopped, I'm certain someone will fight back.
—Siegfried and Tanya debating on a desperate strategy should they fail to destroy Yuri's Tower

Siegfried delivered some good (albeit meagre in the current situation the Allies were in) news during this bleak hour - via their encrypted channels, they received distress signals from an unknown source in Alaska. While Tanya confirmed that there was indeed a major Allied base there, she dismissed them since she suspected it was a possible trap by Yuri and the reality that they couldn't do anything to assist them and the rest of the expeditionary forces in their desperate hours. In the event the Paradox Engine failed to destroy the Mental Omega Device, Siegfried offered yet another suggestion: an untested theory based on experimental technology that the flying superweapon fielded.

Thankfully, the Allies were able to retain their Construction Yards by warping them back to the Paradox Engine should they face imminent destruction, and they were returned to the battlefield via Chronoshift once they were fully repaired. They were duly deployed on the now secured plateau, which was their last bastion - should the base or the Paradox Engine fall before it could be combat-ready again, this would be the end for them and everything they had fought for up to this point would all be for naught. The airborne fortress then made a landing on the elevated area as its defenders quickly reorganized themselves and prepared for a massive onslaught of combined Allied, Soviet, and Epsilon forces.

Last Stand

Now down to the last base and desperately low on manpower, materiel, and resources alike, the Allies found themselves surrounded from three fronts with only the mountainous terrain they had fortified themselves on protecting them from ground-level attacks. The Epsilon gave them no opportunities and immediately sent waves upon waves of air units (both from their own arsenal and from those of their mind-controlled slaves) in an effort to destroy the temporarily defenseless Paradox Engine. Among these aircraft was an experimental jet that was capable of mind controlling even other air units. Nonetheless the Allies held their ground, deploying their heaviest anti-air units available while reinforcing their battle lines with anti-aircraft defensive structures. While heavy casualties were sustained for the Epsilon, the latter did not deploy their supersoldier for whatever reasons. In fact, Libra herself had retreated to the Tower to rejuvenate, and Allied intelligence had noticed she was not making any moves, presumably because she knows her enemies were pushed into a corner and had to move first. Even more interesting was that the "Proselyte" commanding the Epsilon HQ forces had stopped his movements and left the forces to be directed by his lieutenants - the Allies knew he was planning something, but they weren't exactly sure of what he was scheming next.

Likely to force the Allies to make a move and to deplete their dwindling resources further in a war of attrition, the HQ elite forces guarding the Mental Omega Device deployed two Psychic Beacons in its forward operating base. Without the Paradox Engine active and acting as the Allies' ultimate shield, it was only a matter of time before the last defenders would succumb to its mind control effects. The Chronosphere onboard was still active, and the Allied Commander utilized it to quickly chronoshift high-tier siege units to level both beacons. With the mind control threats gone, they refocused their efforts on defending their position while anxiously waiting for the Engine to be recharged once more.

After successfully warding off the endless air assaults for what seemed like an eternity, the Paradox Engine's energy reserves were replenished to full power. In addition to all of its weapon systems back online, the Allies were able to launch numerous chrono-based assaults once more. They also deduced that once the Time Freeze was in play again, Libra would be their only true opponent as the rest of the Epsilon would not be able to aid in her defense - from there, they would neutralize her with its Prism Cannons before focusing on the Mental Omega Device. The supporting Epsilon bases along with the mind-controlled Allies and Soviets were dealt with in this manner (leaving the honor guards protecting the Mental Omega Device as the only opposition left), while the Allied Commander was placed in charge of preparing all the forces they could muster for the final push in a do-or-die situation.

One Card Left to Play

This is our last resort, Commander. We believe you can do the impossible.
—Allied EVA, confident in the Allied Commander's abilities

The Paradox Engine sets course to the Tower

With the Engine at maximum power and the Epsilon forces reduced to only the remnants guarding the Mental Omega Device, the Allies wasted no time by chronoshifting two more MCVs to the frontline and established two forward bases. Supporting infantry, vehicles, and aircraft were also summoned forth to put pressure on the HQ honor guards to fall back, but this had little effect as Libra herself had once again moved to the vanguard to confront the Allies one last time. These losses had little effect on the Allies as they deployed more and more chrono reinforcements - thanks to the Paradox Engine now at full optimal power, it could unleash its full potential with little restrictions. While the casualties mounted for both sides, the Paradox Engine was moved towards the frontline and its escorting aircraft were called forth once more to support its final attack on the Tower itself.

WARNING: All Prism Cannons are OFFLINE! We've been sabotaged from within!
—Allied EVA

At the worst moment possible, all of its Prism Cannons were taken offline via unknown means. Siegfried had suspected that the Proselyte did something to make this happen, and further elaborated with dismay that they couldn't keep even the pocket dimension a secret from Yuri and his subordinates. Though the Paradox Engine was at max power, it lacked the firepower to clear out the remnants of the Epsilon HQ forces and most importantly, the one necessary asset to stop Libra. Siegfried lamented that without the compulsory firepower, they would lack the necessary force to punch through this last line of defense by the Epsilon. Hopelessless befell upon the Allied remnants, but then the Allied Commander spoke up and decided on the next course of action that would likely become his greatest sacrifice.

Allied Commander: There is still one more way.
Tanya: His theory? We don't even know if it's possible...
Siegfried: No... but we don't have any other options now.
Allied Commander: You are still needed on the battlefield. This is an order. Abandon the Paradox Engine.
—The Allied Commander, Tanya, and Siegfried deciding on their last gamble for survival

Taking control of the Paradox Engine at the helm itself and with one last Time Freeze at his disposal, the Allied Commander took a gambit with Siegfried's theory of locking the Mental Omega Device away from the rest of the world. Setting a course for the titanic construction itself, the rest of their forces fought tooth and nail, often in vain as the elite guards destroyed them one after another. Libra herself was no exception in this fight, as she was able to effortlessly shoot down the escorts defending the Engine - without its Prism Cannons, she essentially controlled this entire battlefield on her own.

The Paradox Engine, despite suffering moderate damage from all the attacks it was enduring was able to activate one last Time Freeze, temporarily halting the HQ elite guards dead in their tracks and allowed it to get within the vicinity of the Mental Omega Device. As the crew onboard prepared its equipment to overload its time circuits, Libra chronoshifted herself right underneath the airborne fortress and unleashed an attack that was never witnessed before by either the Allies or the Epsilon - a continuous stream of psionic lightning that rivalled her dreaded Omega Storm in raw damage output. Her final act catastrophically damaged the Engine to the point where its flight systems and other critical components were fried in seconds, preventing the Allied Nations from successfully executing the last trick up their sleeve.

In one last act of defiance and perhaps as a final insult to their enemies, the Paradox Engine executed a suicidal collision attack into Yuri's Tower, critically damaging it but ultimately failed to destroy it. The mobile superweapon that once made the Allies unstoppable ever since the fall of the London Fortress was no more.


Yuri's Tower has been dealt a crippling blow; whatever his plan was it won't come to fruition just yet. This time you bought us might be enough to turn things around, as it seems we have more allies. Commander, what you've done here today, the world will not forget.
—Battlefield report

Desperate times call for desperate measures

The Allied Commander sacrificed with the fallen Paradox Engine

Despite all the valiant efforts and unrelenting offensives thrown at the Epsilon, in the end, the Allied Forces couldn't succeed in destroying the Tower thanks to Yuri's gifted commander who was able to sabotage their efforts, although it is damaged enough that its activation was delayed for the time being. Tanya attempted to contact the Allied Commander but no one responded, only to realize that it is likely he perished during the kamikaze attack on the Tower itself.

Overwhelmed and surrounded, Siegfried decided to take a gamble and decided that Tanya and surviving Allied forces to retreat inside the damaged Paradox Engine using the old Chronosphere to warp it into Point Hope. Should it be a ruse by the Epsilon, Tanya must destroy the device. In order to ensure that the Paradox Engine would be safely warped away in the midst of Epsilon closing in rapidly, Siegfried utilized his Chrono Freeze to prolong the engine's survival. Unfortunately, this meant he would have to stay behind while Tanya and the few Allied survivors onboard made their escape.

Within moments of the Paradox Engine being warped - Rahn quickly drops into crash site and kills the doctor while taunting his efforts as a "meaningless gesture", whereas the stranded Allied soldiers who couldn't retreat into the Paradox Engine were either finished off by the Epsilon forces or enslaved via mind control.

Professor... I hope our theory was correct.
—Siegfried's last words after being mortally wounded by Rahn

The remnants of the Allied Expeditionary Forces managed to successfully chronoshift both themselves and the ruins of the Paradox Engine to Alaska, learning that the distress signals were indeed sent by the last free Americans and their new allies. With little options left, the leaders of this new alliance proposed a desperate strategy to save what's left of the free world and its people. However, the Epsilon eventually caught onto this and sent their massive armies to eliminate what was possibly the last line of defense against them and complete their objective of domination over the world under their 'one mind' doctrine...

Difficulty changes


  • Epsilon infantry spawning intensity is the weakiest in underground.
  • Epsilon's attack intensity is the weakiest in ground.
  • Credits with Commander's control back online: 110,000
  • 2 armor and 1 firepower enhancing crates will be present in underground entrance.
  • Removed all Viruses and Magnetrons in underground.
  • Removed large amount of Chimera Cores in underground.
  • No Stalkers will come out from elevators in underground.
  • More Medic Bunkers and healing crates will be present in underground.
  • 4 Chrono Prisons will be given in total.
  • Epsilon will not rebuild base at bottom area.
  • Removed the Aerial Fortress Irkalla guarding at the bottom right air base.
  • Money crates will always be given after the Paradox Engine lands at bottom right highland.


  • Epsilon infantry spawning intensity is a bit higher than Casual in underground.
  • Epsilon's attack intensity is a bit higher than casual in ground.
  • Credits with Commander's control back online: 90,000
  • 1 armor enhancing crate will be present in underground entrance.
  • Removed most Viruses and two Magnetrons at Dybbuk launch facility in underground.
  • More Medic Bunkers and healing crates will be present in underground.
  • 4 Chrono Prisons will be given in total.


  • Epsilon infantry spawning intensity is the heaviest in underground.
  • Epsilon's attack intensity is the heaviest in ground.
  • Credits with Commander's control back online: 80,000
  • Viruses are present in underground.
  • Some Medic Bunkers and healing crates in underground will be removed.
  • 2 Chrono Prisons will be given in total.
  • The Proselyte will send large amount of Basilisks from the top to attack player's base.
  • Money crates won't be given after the Paradox Engine lands at bottom right highland if player's current credits is more than 80,000.

Easter eggs

  • In the first stage of the mission, on the right of the tunnel where the hangar lies, there is a row of three Hedgehogs. Destroy them, and new path will open, in which the wreckage of a Time Machine will be present, alongside two crates - one of Firepower and one of Armor.
  • In the third stage of the mission, damage the Mental Omega Device down to up to 70% of its maximum hit points and a single use Domination support power will be granted.
  • In the fourth stage of the mission, completely exhaust the Paradox Engine's chrono reinforcements by deploying them a maximum of 60 times. By doing so, a single use support power to teleport a Barrel anywhere on the battlefield will be granted.


  • In tragedy literature, hamartia refers to a fatal mistake made by the protagonist(s) which results in a reversal of their fortune from good to bad. The name of the mission is a reference to a variety of elements that occur throughout the operation, followed by constant unexpected twists and turns that further jeopardize the Allies' primary objective:
    • The arrival of Libra, Rahn, and the elite HQ vanguard forces, which decimate a large portion of the Southern Cross Army.
    • The forced usage of the Time Freeze due to the imminent activation of the Mental Omega Device, which fails to destroy the Tower itself due to the Paradox Engine not being at full power and Libra defending it.
    • The Allies learning that they were being surrounded on all fronts, and their outer support bases were all destroyed.
    • The arrival of the mind-controlled Soviets, leading to the destruction of most of the Boomerang Division.
    • The arrival of the mind-controlled Allies, resulting in the loss of the main American forces and all their Weather Controllers.
    • The Paradox Engine's Prism Cannons being taken offline permanently when they were needed the most.
    • Libra utilizing her Final Fury to stop and destroy the Paradox Engine at the literal last second before its time circuits could be overloaded, leading to the Allies being unable to execute their last trick up their sleeve.
    • The Paradox Engine's suicidal charge into the Mental Omega Device itself, while critically damaging it ultimately failed to destroy it and resulted in the death of the Allied Commander and the Allies' inevitable defeat.
  • The underground portion of the mission is likely inspired by the first and third Yuriko campaign mission in Red Alert 3: Uprising. Similarities include being set in an underground facility, the player character being a hero unit (two hero units in the case of Hamartia), enemy reinforcements from elevators, and medical facilities being scattered throughout the facility.
  • This mission, along with Babel, are the only missions where the battles are synchronized with each other.
    • As a result, enemy attacks by the Epsilon Proselyte during the second phase of the mission attempt to mimic usual Epsilon player strategies, such as using mass Invaders as defense and using mass Basilisks to bypass the Allied defenses.
  • The music that plays over the epilogue is Bewitched by World Beyond Soundtracks.
  • The music plays when the Paradox Engine sets its course to the Mental Omega Device is It's Happening by World Beyond Soundtracks.
  • In a likely case of an oversight, and despite the fact its presence is of critical importance in the campaign ending, it is possible to sell the Old Chronosphere in the final stage on the mission.